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    How to use the numerical system in Russian?

    What are Russian cardinal numbers?

    How do you pronounce 100 in Russian?

    How to memorize numbers in Russian?

  2. Apr 12, 2022 · Russian numbers 1-10 Let’s start this lesson with the first Russian numbers one to ten. These are the fundamentals of knowing how to count in Russian. Take your time to go through these Russian numbers. Don’t hurry. Read them a couple of times, and see if you can remember them. And try to focus on your own pronunciation of the Russian numbers.

  3. Russian cardinal number convey the "how many" they're also known as "counting numbers," ...

    English Numbers
    Russian Numbers
    номера - nomera
    один - odin
    два - dva
    три - tri
  4. › russian_numbersRussian Numbers

    100 – сто 200 – двести 300 – триста 400 – четыреста Numbers from 500 to 900 are formed by adding the word «сот» (“hundred” or “of hundred”) to numbers 5 to 9. Here are some examples: Notice the structure of the Numbers in Russian. List of Ordinal Numbers in Russian

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