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    • 1. a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close: "“shut” is a synonym of “close”"

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  2. Aug 06, 2022 · is the world’s largest and most trusted free online thesaurus brought to you by For over 20 years, has been helping millions of people improve their mastery of the English language and find the precise word with over 3 million synonyms and antonyms. # Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr

  3. Thesaurus Search more than 275,000 synonyms, antonyms, related words, and idiomatic phrases. Find concise definitions pinpointing the meaning shared by synonyms, and sample sentences showing how words are used in context. The thesaurus is more than just a list of synonyms; it is your guide to more precise and effective use of language.

  4. is more than 70,800 synonyms and 47,200 antonyms available on the same site. How to do this? Enter the search word in the search bar above and choose the type of results you need (synonyms or antonyms). You will immediately find a complete list of its synonyms and antonyms. This site is very clear and easy to use, try it!

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  6. Our thesaurus can categorize your search for synonyms (and antonyms) by uniqueness, relevance, parts of speech, and even popularity, so you know you’re not alone in your choice. How to Use the Thesaurus The accessibility of YourDictionary’s thesaurus tool makes finding what you need a smooth process. 1 Type the word

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