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  1. Nov 7, 2023 · Thomas was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, Thomas was also called Didymus (John 11:16; 20:24), which is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name Thomas, both meaning “twin.” Scripture does not give us the name of Thomas’s twin.

  2. Apr 2, 2014 · St. Thomas died on December 21, 72 in Mylapore, India. QUICK FACTS Name: Thomas Gender: Male Best Known For: One of the Twelve Apostles, Saint Thomas or “Doubting Thomas” was initially...

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    Saint Thomas the Apostle. St. Thomas was a Jew, called to be one of the twelve Apostles. He was a dedicated but impetuous follower of Christ. When Jesus said He was returning to Judea to visit His sick friend Lazarus, Thomas immediately exhorted the other Apostles to accompany Him on the trip which involved certain danger and possible death ...

  4. Oct 30, 2023 · Gospel of Thomas, apocryphal (noncanonical) gospel containing 114 sayings attributed to the resurrected Jesus, written in the mid-2nd century. Long believed to have perished, in 1945 it was rediscovered in a Coptic gnostic library in Egypt. Learn more about the Gospel of Thomas with this article.

  5. Jan 30, 2019 · Saint Thomas the Apostle, also known as "Doubting Thomas." Lifetime 1st century (birth year unknown - died in 72 AD), in Galilee when it was part of the ancient Roman Empire (now part of Israel), Syria, ancient Persia, and India. Feast Days The 1st Sunday after Easter, October 6th, June 30th, July 3rd, and December 21st. Patron Saint Of

  6. Thomas the Apostle. "The Incredulity of St. Thomas" by Caravaggio. Saint Thomas is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. His name means "the twin".

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    Thomas was a faithful follower of Jesus, an Apostle, and one of His closest friends, yet after Christ’s Resurrection, he had difficulty believing. This eBook examines five pieces of evidence to support faith in Christ’s Resurrection as a historical event.

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