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    • A Timeline of the 20th Century

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      • The 1990s. Timeline of the 20th Century 1 The,The 1970s. 9 The 1980s. 10 The 1990s.
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  2. Timeline of the 20th century - Wikipedia

    Herero and Namaqua Genocide, the first genocide of the 20th century, begins in German South-West Africa. A Japanese surprise attack on Port Arthur (Lushun) starts the Russo-Japanese War . Trans-Siberian railway is completed.

  3. 20th century - Wikipedia

    The 20th (twentieth) century began on January 1, 1901, and ended on December 31, 2000. It was the tenth and final century of the 2nd millennium.Unlike most century years, the year 2000 was a leap year, and the second century leap year in the Gregorian calendar after 1600.

  4. Timeline of antisemitism in the 20th century - Wikipedia

    This timeline of antisemitism chronicles the facts of antisemitism, hostile actions or discrimination against Jews as a religious or ethnic group, in the 20th century.It includes events in the history of antisemitic thought, actions taken to combat or relieve the effects of antisemitism, and events that affected the prevalence of antisemitism in later years.

  5. The 20th century began on 1 January 1901 and ended on 31 December 2000. It was the century that saw two world wars, the Soviet Union rise and fall, the coming of the telephone, sound recording, film and television, airplanes, atomic weapons, genetics and DNA, computers and electronics in general.

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  6. List of decades, centuries, and millennia - Wikipedia

    Timelines of world history; List of timelines; Chronology; See calendar and list of calendars for other groupings of years. See history, history by period, and periodization for different organizations of historical events. For earlier time periods, see Timeline of the Big Bang, Geologic time scale, Timeline of evolution, and Logarithmic timeline

  7. Decade-by-Decade Timeline of the 20th Century

    Jul 16, 2019 · This century witnessed two world wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Holocaust in Europe, the Cold War, revolutionary social equality movements, and the exploration of space. Follow the changes in this decade-by-decade timeline of the 20th century.

  8. Timeline of scientific discoveries - Wikipedia

    3rd century BC: Archimedes calculates areas and volumes relating to conic sections, such as the area bounded between a parabola and a chord, and various volumes of revolution. 3rd century BC: Archimedes discovers the sum/difference identity for trigonometric functions in the form of the "Theorem of Broken Chords".

  9. Timeline of Korean history - Wikipedia

    Timeline of Korean history "Timeline of 20th-century Korean history". USA: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Comparative China-Korea-Japan arts timeline; BBC News. "South Korea Profile: Timeline". BBC News. "North Korea Profile: Timeline". "Timeline of Korean History". Asia for Educators. USA: Columbia University. "Korea". Heilbrunn Timeline ...

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