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    Transcendence is an American band that are known for their diverse sound. The band members use their wide range of eclectic influences to create a sound that aims to be unrestricted by genre and resists definition from moment to moment. This unique blend leaves them with an inimitable sonic impact.

  2. By Laura Farmer. Baltimore is a mecca for live music: with venues playing jazz, funk, soul and rock, you can catch a new band every night for a month and still not scratch its musical surface. Discover some of these rare gems that are only just a few steps slightly off-the-beaten-path. 1 Rams Head Live. 2 Metro Gallery. 3 Otto Bar. 4 The 8 x 10.

  3. Baltimore Soundstage Located in the picturesque Inner Harbor, Baltimore Soundstage is a go-to venue for small shows from artists spanning genres including metal, hip hop, R&B and more. The floor can hold 1,000 people in its standing room only configuration or 500 in its tabled/seated set up. Classical Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

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  5. Many bands who have played here have gone on to be big names in music, so catch the up-in-comers here on their way to fame. A Baltimore institution, this intimate venue has welcomed legendary funk, reggae, soul, jam and indie bands for decades. If you like to dance, 8 x 10 has got your groove. More info.... 5 An Die Musik LIVE!

  6. Nov 03, 2014 · Music and Transcendence How music holds our consciousness Posted November 3, 2014

    • Graham Collier
  7. Dance Album DE 2014 on Iono Music label. ArtistInfo. Artist/Band. born (opt.) Motion Drive & Vertex Transcendence. Album DE 2014 on Iono Music label Dance ...

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