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  1. Tyson Research Center is a 2,000-acre (8.1 km 2) environmental field station owned and operated by Washington University in St. Louis in the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area east of Eureka. It is part of the Henry Shaw Ozark Corridor which consists of over 8,000 acres (32 km 2) of protected lands.

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    The company was established by John W. Tyson in 1935. It expanded during World War II, when chicken was not included in foods that were rationed by the federal governmrnt. As of 2019, the company employs 141,000 people, including 122,000 in the United States.Tyson's locations are concentrated in the Midwest and South, with 16 locations in Arkansas,...

    Board of Directors

    1. John H. Tyson 2. Kevin M. McNamara 3. Les R. Baledge 4. Gaurdie E. Banister, Jr 5. Dean Banks 6. Mike Beebe 7. David J. Bronczek 8. Mikel A. Durham 9. Jonathan D. Mariner 10. Cheryl S. Miller 11. Jeffrey K. Schomburger 12. Robert C. Thurber 13. Barbara A. Tyson 14. Noel White


    John W. Tyson, the founder, was CEO from 1935 until his death in 1967. Don Tyson, CEO and chairman (1967 to 1991). Leland Tollett(1991 until 1998). John H. Tyson (1999 to 2006). Richard L. Bond 2006 until January 7, 2009) (his position was filled bH temporary replacement Leland Tollett. Donnie Smith(November 2009 to December 2016). In November 2016, the company announced Smith would be succeeded at the turn of the year by company president Tom Hayes. Hayes (2017-September 2018). Noel White (O...

    Tyson Foods has been responsible for numerous instances of environmental damage. Tyson is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the global food industry. According to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Tyson is among the largest single sources of greenhouse gases in the world, when the whole process of rearing animals for s...

    Workers' rights

    According to Celeste Monforton, professor of occupational health at George Washington University, 34 employees were injured at 10 Tyson meatpacking plants during January–September 2015, resulting in one amputation per month on average. Reporting on Monforton's findings in 2016, Buzzfeed Newssaid Tyson Foods "recently launched new programs to improve workplace safety communication, awareness and education". An Oxfam report issued in 2016 cited anonymous employees who stated they were routinely...

    Employment of undocumented immigrants

    Tyson Foods was indicted on December 9, 2001, along with six employees, on charges that it conspired to smuggle undocumented immigrants across the Mexican border to work in its processing plants. The 36-count indictment, which was unsealed at Federal District Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee, accused Tyson of arranging to transport undocumented workers across the border and helping them to get counterfeit work papers for jobs at 15 Tyson plants. Prosecutors alleged that the conspiracy to impor...

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

    As the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the United States, officials including the sheriff in Black Hawk County, Iowa criticized Tyson Foods on April 17, 2020, for failing to close a Waterloo, Iowa plant where an outbreak of the disease began. Tyson closed the Waterloo plant on April 22. According to an Associated Press report, the company said the shutdown "would deny a vital market to hog farmers and further disrupt the nation's meat supply".Steve Stouffer, president of the fresh meats divis...

    Use of antibiotics

    In 2007,[citation needed] Tyson began labeling and advertising its chicken products as "raised without antibiotics". Tyson competitors Perdue Farms and Sanderson Farms sued, claiming that Tyson's claim violated truth-in-advertising/labeling standards. Tyson acknowledged using ionophores in chicken feed. Ionophores are used to control coccidiosis, a parasite common in poultry, and the medication is not used in human medicine. A federal judge ordered Tyson to stop making the "raised without ant...

    Animal welfare

    Tyson Foods has been embroiled in numerous scandals related to animal abuse and cruelty.In response to undercover revelations of animal abuse, Tyson has responded by arguing that the undercover animal rights activists were at fault for the abuse by not actively preventing it. In 2006, Tyson completed a study to determine whether controlled atmosphere killing, which uses gas to render chickens unconscious before slaughter, could be a more humane practice than conventional electrical stunning....

    Food recalls

    On January 30, 2019, Tyson Foods announced a recall for over 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets that were at risk of being contaminated with small pieces of rubber. The recall followed allegations by consumers who submitted complaints to the U.S. Agriculture Department. Tyson identified the contaminated nuggets as those received by Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Utah club store distribution centers. On March 21, 2019, the company issued a recall for 69,000 pounds of chicken stri...

    In 2016, Maplevale sued Tyson and other poultry producers for alleged price fixing. Since the original filing, numerous other customers and consumers have filed similar lawsuits, which are consolidated in the Northern District of Illinois. The companies were accused of working together to restrict the supply of chickens and to manipulate chicken pr...

    • 1935; 87 years ago
    • US$ 43.185 billion (2020)
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  4. Tyson is the environmental field station for Washington University in St. Louisand a resource for faculty, staff, and students at WashU and beyond. Together with our laboratory and experimental facilities, our 2,000-acre landscape provide opportunities for multi-scale research and teaching.

    • 6750 Tyson Valley Road Eureka, MO, 63025
    • (314) 935-8430
  5. Oct 30, 2021 · Discover Tyson Research Center We provide opportunities for environmental research and education for students and faculty from Washington University and beyond. Our infrastructure and programs facilitate multi-scale research and teaching opportunities and collaboration across disciplines, institutions, and levels of academic training.

  6. The Tyson Research Center Site (TRCS) is located at Washington University in St. Louis’ 800-ha environmental field station near Saint Louis, Missouri.

  7. Address: 6750 Tyson Valley Road, Eureka, Missouri 63025 Director: Kim Medley Social: Resources Photos & other media Publications Wikipedia page Overview Tyson Research Center encompasses steep hills and valleys covered in deciduous forest, fields, and several ponds, with ephemeral streams that flow to the nearby Meramec River.

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