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    • Winterfylleth. "Winterfylleth are the quintessential British Black Metal band. Their atmospheric and melodic soundscapes are performed with heartfelt conviction, are evocative of the natural beauty of England.
    • Wodensthrone. "Whilst now sadly disbanded, Wodensthrone's second album Curse was newly released around the same time that we were formulating our first ideas for Necronautical.
    • The Infernal Sea. "The Infernal Sea have something that's all their own. Their obvious technical proficiency is streamlined into a razor sharp aural assault, and their presence as a live entity is equally foreboding and sinister.
    • NahemiA. "Visceral and uncompromising, London's Nahemia play true-to-the-core Satanic Black Metal. Whilst comparable to genre greats such as Tsjuder, Marduk or Gorgoroth, these guys have developed an approach to Black Metal songwriting that is distinctly theirs.
  1. Necro Ritual is a 5 piece black metal band from London, England. Taking influences from bands such as Sargeist, Mayhem, Tormentor and Darkthrone… Extinction 2,325 listeners There are numerous artists using the name "Extinction". 1) Extinction is a cult, enigmatic Black Metal band from England formed in 1997 by Vuel.… Nigrescent 292 listeners

  2. Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone, Saor, Fuath and quite possibly the most popular black metal act ever Cradle of Filth...I'm not sure you spent a lot of time on this. 6 level 1 Lordodirections · 6y Just off the top of my head, Winterfylleth, The Infernal Sea and Forneus are pretty good UK Black Metal, but I'm sure someone can share a list 6 level 1

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  4. UK Black Metal: Past, Present & Future. 3,025 likes · 5 talking about this. This page has been created as a central hub to celebrate and provide information on UK black metal (and related), both for...

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  6. UK Black Metal Promotion. 2,340 likes · 1 talking about this. Page dedicated to promoting the UK black metal underground only! (Black, Black-Death, DSBM, Post-Black, Black-Doom, etc.) Send links to...

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