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  1. Iron Vertex was found by Brian in 2018, with the purpose of gathering and training Live2D designers. As the team grew, Brian has been working on training members and assisting them to grow their careers as a Live2D freelancer

  2. Vertex is the leading provider of software solutions made exclusively for organizations providing vocational, day programs and residential services for adults with disabilities. With our full suite of cloud-based modules, it’s easier than ever to determine the perfect solution for you and your business.

  3. Jan 15, 2022 · To elaborate on the first example, maybe your custom health attribute could now also drive some kind of visual effect, as well as driving script-based game logic. When adding vertex streams, Unity will provide you with some information in brackets, next to each item, to help you read the correct data in your shader:

  4. Shark’s approach eliminates this pet peeve. While using the Vertex like a canister vacuum, you can simply push the power head directly under something to clean it. You don’t have to act like a contortionist to get the angle just right for cleaning. A true game changer. That has always frustrated me about others’ stick vacuums.

  5. Many people like to budget based on their weekly or bi-weekly paycheck, so I've created two weekly budget templates designed for that purpose. The first template is a weekly money manager that allows you to track accounts and record transactions and compare your spending to your budget (all in a single worksheet).

  6. We only store the sums in an array. The sum of the root vertex at index 1, the sums of its two child vertices at indices 2 and 3, the sums of the children of those two vertices at indices 4 to 7, and so on. It is easy to see, that the left child of a vertex at index \(i\) is stored at index \(2i\), and the right one at index \(2i + 1\).

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