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  1. Vitslav III, Prince of Rügen - Wikipedia › wiki › Wizlaw_III,_Prince_of_Rugen

    At his father's death in 1302, Vitslav shared the throne of Rügen with his brother Sambor. There was rivalry between the two brothers, but Sambor died in 1304, and Wizlaw ruled alone until his death in 1325. Vitslav had two daughters, Euphemia and Agnes (wife of Albert II, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst), and a son, Jaromar. But Jaromar died in May ...

  2. Vitslav I, Prince of Rügen - Wikipedia › wiki › Wizlaw_I,_Prince_of_Rugen

    In 1219, Vitslav took part in a campaign by his feudal lord, the King of Denmark Valdemar II, to Estonia. Following the resignation of his brother, Barnuta, Vitslav I was mentioned in documents in 1221 as the Prince of Rügen. This year is also first time that there is a record of German settlers in the mainland territories of Rügen.

  3. Vivek Stars In Prince 2 - video Dailymotion › video › xd28ni

    Apr 24, 2010 · After blushing with three sexy actresses in 'Prince' Vivek Oberoi is now about to act once again with Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen in 'Prince 2'

    • April 24, 2010
    • 1 min
  4. The Palace | Rakuten Viki › movies › 36272c-the-palace

    Two palace maids play a dangerous game of love, but only one will capture the heart of a prince. During the reign of Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiang (Zhou Dong Yu) is a maid who enters the palace to work. There, she meets another palace maid, Liu Li (Zhao Li Ying), and the two quickly become the best of friends. Liu Li harbors ambitions of becoming the wife or concubine of a ...

  5. Prince William | Rakuten Viki › tv › 23768c-prince-william

    Prince William” is a 2014 Taiwanese drama series directed by Huang Tian Ren. If you had a chance to live a much different life, would you take it? A happy-go-lucky fishmonger, Liu Wen Bin (Ah Bin) (Xie Kun Da), lives and works in a small village and has for the most part been content with his way of life.

  6. Russian Empire - Victoria 2 Wiki - Paradox Wikis › Russian_Empire
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    Russia starts off with Slavophile (Protectionism, Interventionist) as the government party.The other choices include Westerniser (Laisez Faire, Free trade) and Panslavic(Protectionist, State Capitalism). The nation's industry will go nowhere at the start, as Russia lacks literacy to promote craftsmen, and its factory techs are backward. When Russia industrializes, the Panslavicparty's State Capitalism allows manual construction of factories as well as allowing capitalists to construct their own. Russian industry sprouts very quickly, provided it has the right factory techs, literacy, and resources. Building industry earlier than 1860 will result in a lot of inefficient, empty factories. Aim for big industrial expansion in 1870-1880. Russia will not have much liberal support for decades, so there will be little possibility for any political or social reforms for a long time.¨

    Russia has some fiscal issues considering the large investments needed and the size of the country.Keeping both education and administration spending at the maximum will help with literacy and administrative inefficiency issues. Russia's literacy is extremely poor and if this issue is not fixed, it will result in Russia falling behind technologically. Initially it is probably best to use Russia's two National Focuses on clergymen in the two largest states of Kiev and Moscow as this will help to increase literacyand the rate at which technologies can be researched. It is best to encourage capitalists, clergy, clerks and Bureaucrats. One can do so with National Foci and giving tax cuts to middle and upper class.The tax rates for lower class can however be kept high to finance the big investments needed in education and bureacracy. One can leave leave them with only enough money to eat so that they have enough strength to keep working and breed. Military- As Russia has a large populati...

    The academia start with an "Avantgarde Intelligentsia" administration. In simple English, Cultural techs have a 5% bonus along with a 5% penalty on industry and 25% penalty on navy techs. Culture techs is arguably the most lacking in Russia at the start of the game. The techs which raise research points, literacy, national focus and plurality. Early on, Russia needs only stray from the culture techs if it really needs a military tech due to some expected war in Europe or if it needs additional output from farming or mining. Arguably the Russia's biggest issue is it's Literacy rating. It is both important in order to keep up in tech with Prussia and the other European states and to make the population promote to workers and capitalists. Maximum education spending is also encouraged to build up the research level. This, along with giving priority to technologies that increase research and education, helps Russia achieve a respectable research rating in the long run. Ideological Though...

    Russia's lackluster technology means that it doesn't have many influence points to spend on influencing other nations. It is therefore important to prioritize key areas of Russian interest: 1. Manchuria. Should Russia bring Manchuria into its sphere, two events, The Ruler of the East and Peking Convention, give it cores and later annexes Outer Manchuria. 2. Sweden. Sweden starts with friendly relations with Russia, which makes it easy to sphere. It does, however, have cores in Russian Finland. They prevent any sort of military alliance until Sweden takes abandon Finland. They tend to do so every other game. 3. Korea. Korea has lots of coal, a large population and is a decent ally. Russia gains a border with Korea after annexing Outer Manchuria which helps spread Russian influence, though the USAtends to try and sphere Korea early on. 4. Persia. Like Sweden, Persia also starts off with friendly relations with Russia and can easily be sphered. One must decide whether they want to sphe...

    Russia starts with a big fleet and the potential to make it enormous. It can reasonably expand its control to any part of the world, and does not need to choose where to prioitize because it will never realistically run out of colonial points. It does however have a bad literacy but with investment in education and the right prioritizing it is possible. One does however need to give up on other research in order to be ready in 1870.

    Until Russia gets her literacy up, she will not have craftsmen; if she builds factories, they will be empty and inefficient. It is therefore advised to stay away from Laissez Faire in the early game. Most of Russia's factories will be closed by the capitalists due to the lack of clerksfor a long time. As the before mentioned technology struggle is resulting in slow research for those vital industry related techs and no clerks in the early game, Russia has to be a bit more careful with factory placement to have profitable factories. So, ensure that one have vertical integration between the states/factories as much as possible. e.g. timber/lumber/clipper shipyard or iron/steel/steamers or grain/glass/liquor. It is adviseble to start off with a cement factory in the high population states (Moscow, Kursk, Kiev etc.) as it is cheap to build and should make a profit. Progressively build steel mills and lumber mills in the states where one can and build fabric where Russia has cotton, liqu...

  7. Prince’s Private Baby - Chapter 2 - ultmanga › manga › princes-private-baby

    Prince’s Private Baby. Chapter 2. Drugged by her own sister for money, Xiaomo didn’t know what was happening when she woke with a gorgeous but domineering man in her bed. She ran and ran but she wo

  8. [ENGLISH] Princess of Rome | Full Movie - › video › 1051455678

    Ayatollah Khomeini - Release Of Hostages - English 21755 Views. 7:52 Ayatullah Behjat Azadari - Persian ... Full Movie. 12-05-2017 / 6 Comments / Uploaded by: AliAli;

  9. 2/25 Viking Republic 2X Vanilla - BattleMetrics › servers › rust

    Rank: #341, Players: 18/250, Address:, Status: online, Location: United States

  10. Vikings - Sezonul 2 Online Subtitrat - FSGratis › sezon › serial-vikings

    Vizioneaza gratuit Vikings - Sezonul 2 pe FSGratis. Silvy - 27 septembrie, 2020. Un serial-torent, şocant, excepţional, tulburător, despre vikingi; acest popor de războinici scandinavi care au dominat jumătatea nordică a Europei în perioada anilor 700-1050 şi care au dispărut în mod misterios.

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