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    • 1. a book forming part of a work or series: "a biography of George Bernard Shaw in three volumes"
    • 2. the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great: "the sewer could not cope with the volume of rainwater" Similar capacitycubic measuresizemagnitude
  2. The meaning of VOLUME is the degree of loudness or the intensity of a sound; also : loudness. How to use volume in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of Volume.

  3. Define volume. volume synonyms, volume pronunciation, volume translation, English dictionary definition of volume. volume To calculate the volume of a cube, multiply ...

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    Volume is a measure of occupied three-dimensional space. [1] It is often quantified numerically using SI derived units (such as the cubic meter and liter) or by various imperial units (such as the gallon, quart, cubic inch ). The definition of length (cubed) is interrelated with volume.

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    A volume is simply defined as the amount of space occupied by any three-dimensional solid. These solids can be a cube, a cuboid, a cone, a cylinder or a sphere. Different shapes have different volumes. In 3D geometry, we have studied the various shapes and solids such as cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, etc., that are defined in three dimensions. ...

    Volume of a solid is measured in cubic units. For example, if dimensions are given in meters, then the volume will be in cubic meters. This is the standard unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI). Similarly, other units of volume are cubic centimeters, cubic feet, cubic inches, etc.

    Basically, the volume of a liquid is measured in liters, where 1 liter is equal to 1000 cubic centimeters. 1 liter = 1000 cubic centimeters = 0.001 cubic meters Hence, 1 cubic meters = 1000 liters Also, to measure the volume of a small amount of liquid, we use milliliters. 1 milliliters = 0.001 liter = 1 cubic centimeters Volume of liquid is also c...

    The formula to calculate the volume of a solid in a three-dimensional space is to find the product of dimensions. Basically, the volume is equal to the product of the area and height of the shape. Volume = Base Area x Height For shapes having flat surfaces such as cubes and cuboids, it is easy to find the volume. But for curved shapes like cones, c...

    The cube has all its sides equal. Therefore, the volume will equal the cube of its side length.
    If the radius and height of a cone and a cylinder are the same, then the volume of a cone is equal to one-third of the volume of a cylinder.
    The formula of volume of cuboid and rectangular prism is the same.
    The volume of the prism depends on the shape of its base. For example, if the base is square, the volume will be (side2x height).

    Q.1: Find the volume of a cube if its side length is equal to 4 cm. Solution: Given, the length of cube = 4cm As we know, Volume of cube = Side3 Therefore, Volume of cube with 4cm length = 43 (cm)3 Volume = 64 cm3 Q.2: What is the volume of the cone if the radius is 2cm and the height is 5cm. Solution: Given, radius of circular base of cone = 2cm H...

    Find the volume of spherical shape with a diameter equal to 12cm.
    A gas cylinder is flattened on top and bottom to get two parallel circular faces on either side of the curved surface. Find the volume if the radius of circular bases is 10 cm and the height of the...

    1. Calculate the volume of cuboid with following dimensions: 1. 2cm x 3cm x 4cm 2. 4cm x 18cm x 5cm 3. 10cm x 10cm x 10cm 4. 6m x 9cm x 11 cm 2. Find the volume of cube having side-length equal to: 1. 3cm 2. 9 inches 3. 7.5 cm 4. 4.4 cm 5. 0.5 cm

    • V = a 3, where a is the edge-length of cube
    • Volume formula
    • V = length x width x height
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    Volume is the quantification of the three-dimensional space a substance occupies. The SI unit for volume is the cubic meter, or m 3. By convention, the volume of a container is typically its capacity, and how much fluid it is able to hold, rather than the amount of space that the actual container displaces.

  6. The volume of a solid all of whose faces are rectangles is found, as shown above, by multiplying the lengths of each of its dimensions: the product of its two base dimensions gives the area of the base, the height tells how many “layers” are in it, and the product of all three gives the volume. When the faces of the figure are not all ...

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