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    Władysław of Bytom (Polish: Władysław bytomski; 1277/83 – around 8 September 1352), was a Duke of Koźle during 1303-1334, Duke of Bytom from 1316, Duke of Toszek since 1329 and Duke of Siewierz during 1328–1337. He was the second son of Duke Casimir of Bytom by his wife Helena.

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    USA: Capitol Police Chief Resigns After the storm on the US Capitol, the criticism of the security forces is getting


    OF THE CITY OF BYTOM ZBIGNIEW MATUSZAK1, AGNIESZKA NOWAK2, IWONA ŻABIŃSKA3, FRANCESC XAVIER MARTÍNEZ DE OSÉS4 Abstract National Road Safety Program 2013-2020 assumes to reduce fatalities by half and seriously injured by 40% from 2010 to 2020. It means that no more than 2,000 people per year should die on Polish roads

    • Zbigniew Matuszak, Agnieszka Nowak, Iwona Żabińska, Francesc Xavier Martínez de Osés
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    • 2019
  4. Władysław Szpilman - Wikipedia

    Władysław Szpilman (Polish pronunciation: [vwaˈdɨswaf ˈʂpʲilman]; 5 December 1911 – 6 July 2000) was a Polish pianist and classical composer of Jewish descent. . Szpilman is widely known as the central figure in the 2002 Roman Polanski film The Pianist, which was based on Szpilman's autobiographical account of how he survived the German occupation of Warsaw and the Holoc

  5. Ministry of Public Security (Poland) - Wikipedia

    The initial UB was headed by Public Security General Stanisław Radkiewicz and supervised by Jakub Berman of the Polish Politburo.The main goal of the Department of Security was the swift eradication of the anti-communist structures and socio-political base of the Polish Underground State, as well as the persecution of former underground soldiers of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and later anti ...

  6. Oddział covidowy w głównym budynku... - Szpital ...

    Życzmy sobie miłości, szczęścia w życiu codziennym i zawodowym, życzliwości i zdrowia ⭐️ 🎄 😊 Władysław Perchaluk, dyrektor Szpitala Specjalistycznego nr 1 w Bytomiu: - Pracownikom i Przyjaciołom naszego Szpitala życzę, by spełniły się wszystkie Wasze plany na rok 2021 oraz by nie opuszczała Was pogoda ducha i wiara w ...

  7. Timeline of Szczecin - Wikipedia

    1186 - Stay of the future Polish monarch Władysław III Spindleshanks at the court of Bogusław I, Duke of Pomerania in Szczecin, on behalf of his father, Duke of Greater Poland (and periodically also High Duke of Poland) Mieszko III the Old. 1243 - Szczecin granted Magdeburg city rights by Duke Barnim I the Good.

  8. The Touching Story of Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko ...

    Mar 01, 2019 · In the car was the officer in charge of the long-running investigation, one of the most brilliant and trusted officers in the Polish secret police. With him were two other highly decorated officers from the security service’s Fourth Department, responsible for religious affairs.

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    Pages in category "Pages translated from Polish Wikipedia" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 1,349 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

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    Poland - Poland - Government and society: The constitution of Poland’s postwar socialist state, the Polish People’s Republic, took effect in 1952 but was amended numerous times, most significantly in early 1989, when constitutional reforms worked out between the government and Solidarity were passed by the Sejm (legislature).

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