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    Władysław of Bytom (Polish: Władysław bytomski; 1277/83 – around 8 September 1352), was a Duke of Koźle during 1303-1334, Duke of Bytom from 1316, Duke of Toszek since 1329 and Duke of Siewierz during 1328–1337. He was the second son of Duke Casimir of Bytom by his wife Helena.

    • 1277/83
    • Helena (of Galicia?)
  2. Władysław Baczyński - Wikipediaładysław_Baczyński

    1946–1957: Country: Poland: State(s) Lower Silesia, Silesia: Władysław Baczyński (born 1918 - May 17, 1960) was a Polish serial killer who killed 4 people in Wrocław and Bytom from 1946 to 1957.

  3. List of killings by law enforcement officers in Poland ...

    2020-12-22 N.N. (32) Police officers used tear gas against aggresively behaving driver. 2020-06-27 Dariusz M. (28) Police officer shot dead man accused of stealing a fuel. 2020-06-18 N.N. (31) Police officer shot dead woman who attacked him with knife. 2019-11-14 N.N. (21) Police officer shot dead man who tried to escape from identity check.

  4. Piekary Śląskie. 13-year-old Patrycja from Bytom is {dead ...

    Round 11 p.m. the mom of 13-year-old Patrycja from Bytom knowledgeable the police that her daughter had not returned dwelling. She was additionally not answering the telephone. The police started looking for the 13-year-old lady.

  5. What is known about the police Derek Chauvin, who killed ...

    May 28, 2020 · What is known about the police Derek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd? Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed black US citizen George Floyd by pressing his knee to his throat within minutes, has been dismissed. Derek Chauvin, who has served as a police officer in Minneapolis since 2001, received complaints so many times during his career.

    • Sally Cullen
  6. US Police Strangled A Black Man With A Bag

    Sep 03, 2020 · US Police Strangled A Black Man With A Bag. The police violence against blacks in the USA is not interrupted. Two months before the death of George Floyd, who lifted the country up despite the corona virus epidemic, another incident came to light.

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    Henry II the Pious (1238–1241), son, also High Duke of Poland, killed in Battle of Legnica; Bolesław II the Bald (1241–1248), son, became Duke of Legnica in 1248 partition; Henry III the White (1248–1266), brother, jointly with Władysław (1248–1270), brother, also Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg from 1265

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    Elizabeth of Poland (Hungarian: Erzsébet, Polish: Elżbieta; 1305 – 29 December 1380) was queen of Hungary by marriage to Charles I of Hungary, and regent of Poland from 1370 to 1376 during the reign of her son Louis I.

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    • Weakened Poland
    • Rebirth of Poland
    • World War II
    • Communism
    • Modern Poland

    After the Jagiellon dynasty ended in 1572, weak kings ruled the Commonwealth. In the 1600s theCommonwealth fought costly wars with Sweden, Russia, and Turkey. In 1772 Russia, Prussia (part of Germany), and Austria each took part of the Commonwealth’s territory. The three powers divided the land again in 1793. After a third division in 1795, Poland no longer existed as a separate state. The Poles formed a new Polish kingdom in 1815, but the Russians controlled it. The Poles revoltedagainst Russian rule several times. Russia responded bytrying tostampout Polish culture. For example, Russia ordered that Polish schools use the Russian language insteadof Polish.

    World WarI(1914–18)led to the rebirth of Poland. The war weakened Russia, Austria, and Germany—the three powers thathad ruled Polish lands for more than 100 years. Poland became an independent republic in 1918.

    Germany and Russia (now part of the Soviet Union) still wantedparts of Poland’s land. In 1939 the two countries secretly agreed to divide Poland between them. InSeptember 1939 Germany invaded western Poland. The invasion started World WarII. Soon afterthe Soviet Union took over the east. In 1941 Germany turned against the Soviet Union and took over all of Poland. TheNazisof Germany killedmillions of Poles duringthattime.Some Jews in Warsaw revolted against the Nazis in 1943, but the revolt failed.

    The Soviet Union drove the German army out of Poland in 1945. After the war Poland lost itseastern lands to the Soviet Union. However, it gained German lands in the west. Meanwhile, theSoviet Union set up acommunistgovernment in Poland. Secret police arrested, jailed, and sometimes killed people who disagreed withthe government. Thecommunistgovernment also took over most businesses. In 1980 an electrician named Lech Wałęsa helped bring togetheralmost 10 million Polish workers into an organization called Solidarity. Solidarity protested thecommunistgovernment. In 1981 the government made the group illegal. Many members of Solidarity werearrested.

    After more protests the government made Solidarity legal in 1989. Communism soon collapsed. In1990 Poland elected Wałęsa president. He and later leaders worked to improve the economy.In 1992 Hanna Suchockabecame the first woman to serve as Poland’s prime minister. She left the office in 1993.Poland’seconomy continued to thrive, and the country was able to jointhe European Unionin 2004. In 2010 relations improved between Poland and Russia after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putinattended a ceremony that commemorated the Katyn Massacre. During World WarIISoviet troops killed thousands of Polish military officers while they were prisoners of war. TheSoviet government denied it for decades. Putin was the first Russian leader to participate inceremoniesat the massacre site.

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    May 25, 2016 · - Władysław IV born 1 June 1552- died 9 October 1604, King since 8 July 1572 Married three times, had ten children, four of them sons, one of them Zygmunt III - miscarriage.