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  1. Croatian War of Independence; Part of the Yugoslav Wars: Clockwise from top left: the central street of Dubrovnik, the Stradun, in ruins during the Siege of Dubrovnik; the damaged Vukovar water tower, a symbol of the early conflict, flying the Flag of Croatia; soldiers of the Croatian Army preparing to destroy a Serbian tank; the Vukovar Memorial Cemetery; a Serbian T-55 tank destroyed on the ...

    • 31 March 1991 – 12 November 1995, (4 years, 7 months, 1 week and 5 days)
    • Croatian victory, Yugoslav army formally withdrew from Croatia from January 1992 under the Sarajevo Agreement, Croatian forces regained control over most of Republic of Serbian Krajina-held territory, Croatian forces advanced into Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist the united Bosnian and Croatian side, which led to the eventual end of the Bosnian War in December 1995.
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    • The Croatian government gains control over the vast majority of territory previously held by rebel Serbs, with the remainder coming under UNTAES control.
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    • The war started in response to an oppressive government. Nazi rule took over in 1941 and communism dominated Croatia for nearly 50 years. People started to revolt against the government in the movement known as the Croatian Spring of 1971 and Croatian nationalism began to foster.
    • Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia when it was ruled by communism. Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina were all also under Yugoslavia rule.
    • Croatia declared independence in 1991 against Yugoslavia rule and the war lasted from 1991-1995.
    • The U.N. separated Croatia into four areas to disconnect the battling groups of Serbs and Croats. When Croatia later got involved in the Bosnia-Herzegovina conflict, Bosniak Muslims were also separated.
  2. Feb 17, 2014 · The second front was the war of political propaganda centred on: misinformation about the rights of minorities in Croatia; portrayal of the Croatian people as Ustasha or Fascists; the representation of the Croatian defence forces as illegal paramilitary units; the representation of the Croatian and Slovenian republics as unreasonable ...

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  3. The following is an incomplete list of wars fought by Croatia, by Croatian people or regular armies during periods when independent Croatian states existed, from the early Middle Ages to the present day.

    Combatant 1
    Combatant 2
    Hungarian war with the Holy Roman Empire
    Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Croatia
    Holy Roman Empire Duchy of Bohemia
    Hungarian-Bohemian wars
    Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Croatia
    Croatian-Venetian War
    Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Croatia
    Stephen II's intervention in the Kievan ...
    Kingdom of Hungary Iaroslav ...
  4. Serbo-Croatian War / Homeland War. The Croatian conflict was the bloodiest war in Europe since World War II. Because the United States was far removed and the Soviet Union had ceased to exist, the ...

  5. Domovinski Rat: Croatian War! The Croatian War of Independence was fought from 1991 to 1995 between Croat forces loyal to the government of Croatia—which had...

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