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    What is Waray language?

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    Where is Waray spoken?

    What are some common Waray words?

  2. Jan 01, 2021 · Waray is one of the languages of the Philippines. Spoken in the area of Leyte and Samar in the Visayas region, Waray is very distinct from Tagalog. Examples of Waray Sentences

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wáray-Wáray or Warai (commonly spelled as Waray; also Winaray or Lineyte-Samarnon) is a language spoken in the provinces of Samar, Leyte, and Biliran in the Philippines. The Waraynon group of languages consists of Waray, Waray Sorsogon and Masbate Sorsogon.

    • 3.1 million; 5th most spoken native language in the Philippines
    • Philippines
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    The name comes from the word often heard by non-speakers, "waray" (meaning "none", "nothing" or "not"), in the same way that Cebuanos are known in Leyte as "mga Kana" (after the oft-heard word "kana", meaning "that", among people speaking the Cebuano language).

  5. The first suggestion is the usual way of saying the English sentence in the Waray language. The second or the last suggestion -- the one that comes after the slash (/) -- is how we say it using the Ninorte-Samarnon Waray. In case you might need a list of Waray words or Waray adjectives, this site has also an online Waray dictionary.

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    Read more about this topic: Waray-Waray Language Famous quotes containing the words common, words and/or phrases : “ If we use common words on a great occasion, they are the more striking, because they are felt at once to have a particular meaning, like old banners, or everyday clothes, hung up in a sacred place.

  7. Travel Guiuan: Useful Waray-Waray Words and Phrases › 2011 › 03

    Mar 07, 2011 · Disclaimer: This is not the official blog of Guiuan, Eastern Samar. I am not getting paid for this, and everything posted here is personal. Moving on to the official blog description: This is my personal project, driven by my desire to let the whole world know that the town where I spent 3/4 of my life EXISTS (and where it is).

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    There may be some slight variations between the Ninorte-Samarnon Waray and the regular Waray language, but this might help you find some answers. (Update: Before you proceed, let me tell you that there is a new post I made; it's a list of Tagalog words and their Waray equivalent. The link is right here:) List of Waray Words: Tagalog to Waray

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    A Concise Waray Dictionary [Suggest a resource] Change History: Showing 3 of 27 entries. Show ALL logged changes. Source: (Word 174) - Simon Greenhill (2020-11-09 22:42:54) Source: Ramon Leonido Jr. (Word 90) - Simon Greenhill (2014-09-03 02:14:45) Source: Ramon Leonido Jr. (Word 90) - Simon Greenhill (2014-09-03 02:14:38) Entries:

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