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    West Coast Rap dominated the hip-hop scene for the middle section of the '90s, making ...

    California Love 2Pac / Woody Cunningham / Dr. Dre / Norman Durham / Roger
    Nuthin' But a "G" Thang Calvin Broadus / Snoop Dogg
    Dr. Dre / Snoop Dogg
    Murder Was the Case Dat Nigga Daz / Dr. Dre / Warren Griffin III / Snoop Dogg / Rajal Trawick
    Straight Outta Compton O'Shea Jackson / Lorenzo Patterson / Eric Wright / Andre Young
  2. West Coast Hip Hop 2021 - Playlist Best West Coast Hip Hop Songs 2021 (Rappers Music from the West)

  3. 10 Classic 1980s West Coast Hip Hop Songs - Hip Hop Golden ... › list › 10-classic-eighties
    • Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp - Gigolo Rapp (1981) “Who’s this, y’all? / Who’s that? / I say it’s Disco Daddy and Captain Rapp / We’re just two bad brothers and that’s a fact / You got us both fantastic cats…”
    • Toddy Tee - Batterram (1985) “Drug busters, you better beware / And don’t turn your head as if you don’t care / Because they got it, they got it, they say they got you / Right in their hands and they don’t need no clue…”
    • Ice T - 6 N The Morning (1987) “6 in the morning, police at my door / Fresh Adidas squeak across the bathroom floor / Out my back window I make my escape / Didn’t even get a chance to grab my old school tape…”
    • Eazy E - Boyz N The Hood (Original) (1987) “Cruising down the street in my 64 / Jocking the freaks, clocking the dough / Went to the park to get the scoop / Knuckle-heads out there cold shooting some hoops…”
  4. 25 best West Coast rap songs since N.W.A.'s 'Straight Outta ... › entertainment › 2015/08/25_best
    • Dr. Dre - 'Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang' You already knew what No.1 was going to be. And how could it not? “Nuthin But a ‘G’ Thang” was the starting point for most of the other songs on this list, as it raised the bar for hip-hop music in general.
    • Ice Cube - 'It Was a Good Day' Ice Cube’s 1993 single has become such a hip-hop landmark fans have spent countless hours trying to figure out the specific day at the center of “It Was a Good Day.”
    • Snoop Dogg - 'Gin and Juice' As far as timeless hip-hop songs and phrases go, it’s hard to beat “Gin and Juice,” a song that has hit pop-culture heights with generations that no longer actually sip on gin and juice.
    • 2pac - 'California Love" “California Love” is Death Row Records at its peak, with its best emcee and lead producer firing on all cylinders. Dre’s piano-driven bass-heavy beat sets the stage for not only his best verse, but arguably 2pac’s most thrilling performance on one of the biggest hip-hop singles ever released.
  5. The best of the west! 90's Hip Hop Rap Classics straight from the Westcoast non-stop in the mix!New mixes every week on this channel. If you don't want to mi...

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    • DJ Noize
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  7. The Best 50 West Coast Hip Hop Albums Of The 1990s - Hip Hop ... › list › the-best-50-west-coast
    • Dr Dre - The Chronic (1992) The Chronic is one of the most influential Hip Hop albums of all-time. A 1990’s masterpiece that is about the production first and the lyrical content second.
    • Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle (1993) In the pre-internet and Social Media days, when music promotion was a whole different ballgame, there have been few albums that were as hyped and anticipated as Snoop Doggy Dogg‘s solo debut.
    • Ice T - Original Gangster (1991) Ice-T’s masterpiece. Original Gangster is a long album, but it is put together PERFECTLY. It feels and flows JUST RIGHT.
    • Ice Cube - Death Certificate (1991) Still angry, still hungry. Ice Cube picks up where he left things with his classic debut AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and even takes things a bit further.
  8. West Coast hip hop - Wikipedia › wiki › West_Coast_hip_hop

    DJ Mustard played a role in bringing West Coast Hip-Hop back to national attention through the 2010s. He gained huge popularity throughout 2011 to 2014, producing a number of popular artists' singles, including Tyga 's " Rack City ", 2 Chainz 's " I'm Different ", Young Jeezy 's " R.I.P. ", B.o.B 's " HeadBand ", YG 's " My Nigga " and " Who Do You Love?

  9. The ambition, to create an outlet for new & existing artists, labels, producers that we’re being isolated by other outlets. Since September 8th 2002 we have been working to make this the #1 online resource for your west coast hip-hop needs.

  10. 200 greatest hip-hop songs of all time - › entertainment › 2021/04/200

    Apr 13, 2021 · Few songs have ever arrived like a breath of fresh air in hip hop in the way that “Passin’ Me By” did. The Pharcyde was a West Coast hip hop group that arrived during the peak of gangsta rap.

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