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    Apr 25, 2021 · One of the main differences between musicology and ethnomusicology can be found in the way in which data are collected. While musicology makes use of preexisting sources such as music scores, literary, archaeological and iconographical materials, ethnomusicology collects data through fieldwork.

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    Jun 24, 2019 · What is the difference between musicology and ethnomusicology? Traditionally, musicology has referred to the study of Western art music, or the music of the past, while ethnomusicology has been associated with the study of non-Western and traditional musics, or of living musical traditions. …

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    Oct 29, 2011 · Musicology vs. Ethnomusicology by · Published 29 October 2011 · Updated 29 October 2011 The working title of this post was “Musicologists are from Mars and Ethnomusicologists are from Venus”.

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  5. The difference between musicology and ethnomusicology is that musicology is a broad academic division, and ethnomusicology is a sub-division of... See full answer below. Become a member and unlock...

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    musicology (usually uncountable, plural musicologies) (music) the scholarly or scientific study of music, as in historical research, musical theory, or the physical nature of sound. Derived terms. musicological; musicologist; Translations See also. musicology on Wikipedia. Wikipedia

  7. May 02, 2013 · The term ethnomusicology is inspired by ethnology, which is the comparative study of cultures. But ethnomusicology is more than the comparative study of music cultures. It is a discipline for which its name should no longer apply. A far better term is Musicology (with a capital M).

    • Dale A. Olsen
  8. The Teh-drinking Musicologist: Ethnomusicology vs Musicology ... › 2008 › 04

    Apr 25, 2008 · For Musicology, however, is towards disciplinary Otherness. Within the past decade, Musicology has refashioned its ideological territory, embracing values that deliberately contrast with the discursive practices of Ethnomusicology. Ethnomusicology, for Musicology, is "the Other".

  9. years is made clear by the fact that Stock’s (1997a) characterisation of the differences between musicology and ethnomusicology now seems surprisingly (and pleasingly) dated if one looks at current work in the field. There is no doubt that both musicology and ethnomusicology have changed, and there has certainly been

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    Oct 01, 2009 · The separation of ethnomusicology from musicology attests to an intellectual history whose continuing validity has come into question. Differences between a discipline committed to fieldwork and one that traditionally was devoted to historical research have been blurred from both sides.