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  1. 10 Most Popular Spanish Vegetables - TasteAtlas › most-popular-vegetables-in-spain

    Jan 12, 2021 · Alcachofa de Tudela are flower buds of the Blanca de Tudela artichoke variety, grown mostly in the district of Ribera, in the Spanish Navarre region. Artichokes have been cultivated in this region since medieval times and they are Navarre’s best-known vegetable produce, alongside asparagus.

  2. 10 Most Popular Spanish Vegetable Dishes - TasteAtlas › most-popular-vegetable-dishes

    Jan 13, 2021 · Berenjenas con miel, which translates as eggplants with honey, is one of the most popular dishes in Córdoba, and it is also found in other parts of Andalusia. The dish consists of slices or strips of eggplant that are battered and fried, and traditionally come served drizzled with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

  3. Spanish fruit & vegetables | Foods & Wines from Spain › spanishfoodwine

    Apr 30, 2021 · Other regions growing and canning vegetables are Extremadura, Aragón, the two Castiles, Andalusia and Catalonia. Many tomato preserves are also produced all over Spain. Some of the most famous Spanish vegetable preserves are the PDO Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa peppers from Navarre.

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  5. Seasonal Vegetables in Spain | Know-how to Eat like a Local ... › 2018/06/26 › seasonal
    • Artichokes – Alcachofas. In Season: Dec – May. Usually eaten fresh, although you’ll also find jars of preserved artichokes in all top delis in Spain. When dining out, you’ll find them stir-fried, baked, stuffed with jamon, in a Spanish tortilla, and fried in a tempura like batter. ‘
    • Asparagus Green/White – Esparrago Triguero/Blanco. Green is in Season: Mar & Apr. White is in Season: Apr – June. When reading a menu, unless you see the word ‘triguero’ the word asparagus refers to the white version – which is revered here in Spain and served in salads or on its own with mayonnaise or a vinaigrette.
    • Aubergine/Eggplant – Berenjena. In Season: May – Nov. Often sliced in half lengthways (like a baguette) and stuffed with mushrooms and béchamel sauce, rice or even a minced meat – Spain’s aubergines are bursting with flavour.
    • Beetroot – Remolacha. In Season: 12 months of the year. Although this vegetable grows well, you’ll find it’s not very common on Spain’s menus. We like this recipe for beetroot salmorejo and also add it to salads for extra colour and flavour!
  6. 13 Vegetarian Spanish Dishes You Need in Your Life › europe › spain
    • Paella de verduras. The paella is one of Spain’s most iconic dishes and while the seafood and meat varieties are perhaps the most well-known, a vegetarian paella is a real treat.
    • Patatas bravas. Simply put this is the Spanish version of the humble ‘chip’ but stands out for the combination of a creamy aioli and fiery tomato sauce which is essential to the dish.
    • Escalivada. This dish gets its name from the way in which it’s prepared, namely the Catalan word escalvar which means ‘to cook in ash’. Whole vegetables such as aubergine, peppers and onions are cooked over embers in an open fire until the skin is burnt and the flesh tender.
    • Pan con tomate. Another dish hailing from Catalonia, pan con tomate is the unmissable accompaniment to any meal as far as Catalans are concerned. Thick slices of rustic bread known as pa de pagès are rubbed with tomato, drizzled with olive oil and finished off with a little salt.
  7. 20 Traditional Foods to Eat in Spain | Travelers Universe › food-in-spain
    • Paella. Paella is arguably the world’s most popular rice dish. Often elevated to national dish status, ask any Spaniard and they will point you towards Valencia where this plate originated.
    • Olives. Olives are pretty much everywhere in Spain. Locals chow down on olives all day long. You’ll be served olives as simple snacks or appetizers, in salads and on top of pinchos.
    • Gazpacho & salmorejo. Unlike their Portuguese neighbors, Spaniards aren’t big fans of soups. Hence gazpacho and salmorejo are the exceptions that prove the rule.
    • Cured ham. Jamón (dry-cured ham) is a staple of Spanish cuisine. It is served in thin slices (ideally carved by hand with a sharp knife) and consumed in small portions.
  8. 13 Famous Spanish Dishes to Eat in Spain | Bookmundi › t › 13-famous-spanish-dishes-to
    • Marie Storm
    • Paella. One of the most traditional and famous rice dishes in Spain, paella comes in several varieties, but if you can, try Valencia paella. Valencia is the region in which this dish originates so you’d better believe they know how to make this highly-sought after Spanish food just right.
    • Gazpacho. Best described as a cold tomato soup, this definition doesn’t really do gazpacho justice. You have to try it to find out why a seemingly simple dish is such a tasty favorite for so many people.
    • Jamón. One of the most famous Spanish foods and one that Spanish people go absolutely nuts for, jamón is a cured ham made from either mountain pig or black Iberian pig, the latter of the two being more expensive.
    • Churros. Churros are a sweet, popular snack of hot fried dough coated in sugar crystals. They take on a long, spiral shape, making them perfect to munch on the go.
  9. The Best Traditional Vegetarian Dishes in Spain › traditional-vegetarian-dishes
    • Gazpacho. While it's often described as a cold soup, that image sometimes conjures up the idea of a bowl of chowder that has been left out all day. Instead, think of it instead as a "liquid salad."
    • Patatas Bravas. Patatas bravas is another popular Spanish vegetarian dish. Coarsely chopped potatoes covered with a spicy sauce are usually the order of the day.
    • Tortilla de Patata. If a tapas bar in Spain doesn't have a tortilla on the bar top, it's not a tapas bar. Are you sure you're in Spain? This is an omelet with potatoes and often onion, but you can put almost anything in a tortilla.
    • Berenjenas con Miel. Berenjenas con Miel is slices or pieces of aubergine or eggplant, fried and covered in a dark, slightly bitter honey or molasses. These are especially popular in Malaga.
  10. 10 Best Foods to Try in Barcelona | Famous Foods of Barcelona › blog › famous-foods-of

    Aug 28, 2020 · Spain’s Catalonian capital Barcelona is well known for this famous Spanish cuisine which is a spectacular dish prepared in a large shallow pan that consists of rice, vegetables, paprika, saffron. Along with taste, the appearance of this popular food in Barcelona is very appealing making it a world-famous signature dish of the entire Spain. Paella is served at many restaurants in Barcelona and there are many different kinds of preparations with subtle differences yet the core flavour of ...

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