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  1. 10 Dog Foods that May Lead to Cancer - Vet Tech

    Also bad for people, genetically engineered food can be bad for dogs. They are often used to accelerate the growth of many crops, including corn, which can find their way into dog food. It is far more difficult to trace these GMO’s in dog food, but there is this entry from Yesterday and Tomorrow.

  2. Best Grain-Free Dog Food | ConsumerAffairs

    May 14, 2020 · While a dog food that contains grain is not necessarily better or worse than a grain-free diet, some dog foods include grain as “filler” ingredients that provide little-to-no value to your dog ...

  3. May 11, 2020 · In fact, green beans are so healthy for dogs that some people make a sizeable portion of their fur baby’s daily food regimen. Just remember not to add salt or seasoning. 5 second Studio/Shutterstock

  4. Nov 15, 2018 · Some reputable dog food manufacturers offer their own lines of prescription-style food (like Blue Buffalo BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet), but for the most part prescription dog food is best avoided. Freeze-Dried Food – Though it may sound like the two terms are interchangeable, there is a difference between freeze-dried food and dehydrated food.

  5. 10 Healthiest 'People Foods' You Should Be Feeding Your Dog ...

    Dec 20, 2016 · Some people like making their own dog food, but for many dog owners, that's just not possible with all the time and work that has to go into it. Besides, plenty of dog foods out there are ...

  6. Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat - American Kennel Club

    Apr 24, 2020 · These are some of the most poisonous foods for dogs. Macadamia nuts, part of the Protaceae family, can cause vomiting, increased body temperature, inability to walk, and lethargy. Even worse, they ...

  7. Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Allergies 2020 | Dog Food Advisor

    The best dog foods for allergies are available in one of 2 basic designs:. Limited ingredient diets; Hypoallergenic dog foods; Limited Ingredient Diets. Limited ingredient diets contain fewer components… which can make it easier to pin down the specific ingredient (also known as an allergen) to which your pet may be allergic.

  8. Top 20 GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid

    Jul 24, 2013 · Unfortunately, until the laws change and ban these destructive products, the best protection is to avoid them. The following list outlines the 20 top GMO foods and ingredients you absolutely must avoid. Top GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid 1. Aspartame. According to the EPA, aspartame is a chemical that causes neurotoxicity. Keep in mind that ...

  9. Genetically-engineered, extra-muscular dogs created by ...

    Oct 20, 2015 · Genetically-engineered, extra-muscular dogs created by Chinese scientists. Researchers hope to go on to create dogs that have human diseases, like Parkinson’s and muscular dystrophy

  10. 7 Most Common Genetically Modified Foods | HuffPost Life

    Genetically modified material sounds a little bit like science fiction territory, but in reality, much of what we eat on a daily basis is a genetically modified organism (GMO). Whether or not these modified foods are actually healthy is still up for debate -- and many times, you don't even know that you are buying something genetically modified.

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