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  1. May 28, 2022 · The colors of the Oriental Lily can be pink, red, or white. Scientific Name: Lilium orientalis . Oriental lilies are best known for their highly fragrant flowers that bloom mid to late summer, adding one last injection of vibrant color. Colors range from white, pink, red, yellow, some with patterns, spots, and bi-colors.

  2. The increasing hardship of the war for the German people also called forth more propaganda that the war had been forced on the German people by the refusal of foreign powers to accept their strength and independence. Goebbels called for propaganda to toughen up the German people and not make victory look easy.

  3. Colour revolution (sometimes coloured revolution) is a term used since around 2004 by worldwide media to describe various anti-regime protest movements and accompanying (attempted or successful) changes of government that took place in post-Soviet Eurasia during the early 21st century—namely countries of the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, and People's Republic of China.

  4. Synonyms for representation include picture, illustration, image, model, portrait, embodiment, exemplification, likeness, reproduction and sketch. Find more similar ...

  5. - plenty of young smoking people (some of them start with 12 or younger) and smoking allowed in most of the clubs - high consume of alcohol at social gatherings (young and old) - growing number of obese people (young and old) - political disaffection and a balance between open minded people and narrow minded (sometimes bound on tradition) people

  6. Fabulous bright colors of red, pink, white, and purple, along with many bicolored varieties are some popular color choices of gardeners. He had to be up at six in the morning and along with the other hired men tend to the cows, pigs, horses and clean out stables and cow sheds.

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