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  1. Computer graphics - Wikipedia › wiki › Computer_graphics

    Computer graphics deals with generating images with the aid of computers. Today, computer graphics is a core technology in digital photography, film, video games, cell phone and computer displays, and many specialized applications.

  2. A Short History of Computer Graphics › xgeorge › uea

    The Video Graphics Array (VGA) card was invented at IBM. Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstations that supported real-time raster line drawing and later polygons became the computer graphicists desired. The data glove, a precursor to virtual reality, was invented at NASA.

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  4. Computer Graphics Programs - javatpoint › computer-graphics-programs

    Computer Graphics Programs with Computer Graphics Tutorial, Line Generation Algorithm, 2D Transformation, 3D Computer Graphics, Types of Curves, Surfaces, Computer Animation, Animation Techniques, Keyframing, Fractals etc.

  5. CG Historical Timeline – Computer Graphics and Computer ... › graphicshistory › back

    ILM computer graphics division develops “Genesis effect” for Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan; 1983. Particle systems (Reeves – Lucasfilm) (Ref: Reeves, William T. Particle Systems: A Technique for Modeling a Class of Fuzzy Objects. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 83 Proceedings) 17(3) July 1983, p. 359-376. ) SGI IRIS 1000 graphics workstation

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  6. Graduate Program | Program of Computer Graphics › academics › graduate-program

    The Program of Computer Graphics is one of a number of research programs at Cornell, many of which do not have academic departmental status and cannot themselves confer degrees. However, as an interdisciplinary research program, we involve faculty from a number of academic departments, including Architecture, Computer Science, Electrical ...

  7. CG1 - History of Computer Graphics › courses › cg1-2018

    History of Computer Graphics • 1982: Lucasfilm computer graphics division develops a one-minute shot for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan making the first use of fractal-generated landscape in a film. William (Bill) Reeves leads the Genesis Effect programming team and creates the so-called Particle Systems.

  8. What is Computer Graphics? | Program of Computer Graphics › about › what-computer

    The field of computer graphics is a broad and diverse field that exists cross section between computer science and design. It is interested in the entire process of creating computer generated imagery, from creating digital three-dimensional models, to the process of texturing, rendering, and lighting those models, to the digital display of those renderings on a screen.

  9. Applications of Computer Graphics - GeeksforGeeks › applications-of-computer
    • Computer Art: Using computer graphics we can create fine and commercial art which include animation packages, paint packages. These packages provide facilities for designing object shapes and specifying object motion.Cartoon drawing, paintings, logo design can also be done.
    • Computer Aided Drawing: Designing of buildings, automobile, aircraft is done with the help of computer aided drawing, this helps in providing minute details to the drawing and producing more accurate and sharp drawings with better specifications.
    • Presentation Graphics: For the preparation of reports or summarising the financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific, economic data for research reports, managerial reports, moreover creation of bar graphs, pie charts, time chart, can be done using the tools present in computer graphics.
    • Entertainment: Computer graphics finds a major part of its utility in the movie industry and game industry. Used for creating motion pictures , music video, television shows, cartoon animation films.
  10. Introduction to Computer Graphics - includehelp › computer-graphics

    Mar 27, 2020 · The main forerunner sciences to the development of modern computer graphics were the advances in electrical engineering, electronics, and television that took place during the first half of the twentieth century when no technology was available.

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