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  1. The United States home front during World War II supported the war effort in many ways, including a wide range of volunteer efforts and submitting to government-managed rationing and price controls. There was a general feeling of agreement that the sacrifices were for the national good during the war. The labor market changed radically.

  2. Apr 29, 2020 · World War 2 is probably the best documented event in world history. There are countless stories of individuals, communities, and countries around the world that experienced those times. It is the intent of this website to tell the personal, the lesser known, and the sometimes untold true stories of that war.

  3. A study by Robert J. Lilly estimates that a total of 14,000 civilian women in England, France and Germany were raped by American GIs during World War II. [74] [75] It is estimated that there were around 3,500 rapes by American servicemen in France between June 1944 and the end of the war and one historian has claimed that sexual violence ...

  4. World War Two triggered independence movements throughout the third world, but much of Africa and southeast Asia did not gain formal independence until the 1960s. This legacy of the pre-World War Two era, along with many others, did not formally end until decades after VE Day. World War 2 Facts: Bibliography . German Prisoner of War Camps

  5. Jul 11, 2022 · Many Israeli Embassies Have NUKES in Them, holding the USA & World in Constant Nuclear Blackmail; CPI Inflation is at a 41 Year High; The Biden administration has made nuclear war with Russia a very real possibility—See what American malls are now doing in preparation.

  6. World War II began in Europe on September 1, 1939, as Germany invaded Poland. On September 3, Britain and France declared war on Germany. They did not do much to help Poland but sent only a small French attack on Germany from the west. The Soviet Union soon invaded eastern Poland, on September 17. Finally, all of Poland was divided.

  7. Aug 15, 2022 · During Moscow’s ongoing massive military operation against Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Wednesday of a third world war's “nuclear and devastating” consequences. Read the article to determine if there will be a World War III and who will support whom.