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    • How does Akinator know what to ask?

      • Akinator holds a database of characters, with each tree of answers leading to particular characters. That's why some answers trigger particular questions, It's also why he sometimes does stupid stuff like ask someone's hair colour 4 times — he just follows the question tree.
  1. Akinator's all-consuming passion is trying to guess characters by asking questions. To play with him, think of a character, real or fictional, keep it well in mind and then click on the menu "play > characters". Akinator will then proceed to ask you a series of questions that you'll have to answer as truthfully as possible.

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  4. Dec 18, 2013 · Simply go to, enter a nickname for yourself, your age and gender, and think of a prominent person, celebrity, or even fictional character, and Akinator will ask you up to 20 questions,...

  5. Jan 27, 2022 · They feel you need them. That they are GOD to you. Empathy. They love the way you empathizing with them. That's why you are their supply. They like to look like a victim in front of you so they get your empathy and attention. Low self confidence. When your confidence in Continue Reading Jason Chung

  6. To add a Person (maybe yourself) or a character in Akinator, you first need to play it. More you can see in this video :) More from Akinator:

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