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  1. Weather Map Symbols. has produced a highly informative Web site that details An Introduction to Weather Map Symbols and Terminology. Print out the visuals to help students understand the various symbols, as well as the history of how weather maps were first generated. One of the major features on a weather map is a front.

    • High and Low Pressure Areas. Earth’s atmosphere is a jacket of gases that surrounds the planet. Although it seems like these gases could easily float away into space, gravity is constantly pulling the atmosphere toward Earth’s surface.
    • What it Means on the Weather Map. Low pressure systems—like this one in the Tennessee valley—can cause the formation of clouds and storms. A high pressure system is a dense air mass that is usually cooler and drier than the surrounding air.
    • High and Low Pressure Systems: From Space. From high above Earth, satellites such as GOES-16 keep an eye on the weather brought by low pressure systems.
    • Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts. A warm front is the transition area where a mass of warm air moves to replace a mass of cold air. On a weather map, a warm front is usually drawn using a solid red line with half circles pointing in the direction of the cold air that will be replaced.
  2. Nov 18, 2021 · On a weather map, you will notice some lines that have semi-circles or triangles on either side, or both. These indicate the boundaries for various types of fronts. 2 Analyze a Cold front. With these weather patterns, rainfall can be torrential and wind speeds can be high.

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  3. Winter Weather Detection Severe Weather 101 Detecting Winter Weather Satellite images are very useful tools for determining cloud patterns and movement of winter storms. By looping a series of satellite pictures together, forecasters can watch a storm's development and movement.

  4. Nov 08, 2021 · Weather maps and images are used to forecast the weather and track storms. Explore tools for weather forecasting and the types of weather maps and images including surface and upper-level maps, and...

  5. Oct 13, 2019 · Weather fronts appear as different colored lines that extend outward from the pressure center. They mark the boundary where two opposite air masses meet. Warm fronts are indicated by curved red lines with red semicircles. Cold fronts are curved blue lines with blue triangles.

  6. 3. Surface wind 'leaks' across the isobars towards lowpressure, by about 15 to 20 degrees over the open sea, but by as much as 30 to 90 degrees over and around land. This time, the red arrows show the wind directions as they are more likely to be - gently flowing across the isobars towards lower pressure. 4.

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