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  1. 20 Outstanding Event Marketing Examples
    • So, What Is Event Marketing?
    • Event Marketing Examples Overview
    • Wrapping Up: Event Marketing Example Takeaways

    Event marketing is a direct way to form new connections, provide learning opportunities, and create memorable experiences for prospects and returning customers alike. Although there are lots of ways to successfully market a product or service through digital means, there is still no replacing the experience of face-to-face interactions.Some event marketing strategies use traditional event types like conferences and networking events, while other strategies may incorporate experiential activat...

    1. User Conference - Oracle Code One 2. Event Roadshow - Marketo’s Innovation in the Nation 3. Experiential Activation - JetBlue’s Ultimate Icebreaker 4. Networking Event - Lean Startup’s Networking Event 5. Publisher Conference - Content Marketing Institute’s Sales Acceleration Event 6. Virtual Event - Google I/O 7. Seminar - SQLBits 8. Internal Company Meeting - Plum Organics’ Coloring Book Meetings 9. Trade Show - CNET’s Computex 10. Industry Roundtable - ISFA’s Austin Industry Roundtable...

    Just to review the big picture, here are some of the common threads between these great event marketing examples that you can apply to your next gathering. 1. Throw an event based on your audience’s interests. No need to guess - with modern event software, data can be collected, analyzed, and assessed to help provide clues as to what event you should consider hosting for clients and prospects. 2. Have a clear “why”. Even if your entire goal is to provide a fun and memorable experience, take a...

  2. Event Marketing Strategies, Ideas and Examples - Eventbrite

    May 21, 2019 · Marketing and execution cover most of your event marketing responsibilities — but not all of them. Make sure you don’t overlook other vital steps with these six quick tips to get you started. Event marketing tip #1: Closely manage your event budget. Budgeting is no one’s favorite part of planning events. But without a thorough ...

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  4. Event Marketing Resume Example

    This example is for a professional with experience as field marketing manager and sales representative handing events and branding for products. This document provides a good general reference for professionals seeking positions in marketing.The marketing resume opens with a paragraph summary

  5. 36+ Event Proposal Examples - PDF, DOC, PSD | Examples

    An event proposal is a thorough and informative document that outlines information regarding an event along with its costs, marketing strategy, and the people who will be involved. It is compiled at the early planning stages by an event planner or event management company.

    • What should you include in an event proposal?
      First, you must include your event planning business introduction. Follow that up with your description of the event, the services to be provided,...
    • What is the importance of adding images in an event proposal?
      Adding high-quality images in event proposals helps improve the results of your proposals. They can be processed faster and they show your prospect...
    • How should you follow up after submitting an event proposal?
      After submitting an event proposal, you should inform your client that the proposal document is on its way. Let them know that you will follow up i...
  6. Market Research. Before organizing an event, find out whether there is a market (i.e. audience) for your intended event or not. For e.g. you want to organize a fashion show in Oman. If people there have little or no interest in fashion shows, then it is not a good idea to organize such event there. The event will fail for sure. Market Analysis. If there is a market for your intended event, then do market analysis.

  7. 9+ Event Project Plan Examples - PDF | Examples

    9+ Event Marketing Plan Examples – PDF, DOC; 9+ Event Operational Plan Examples – PDF; An event plan is basically the map that guides you and your team toward a successful implementation of an event. It guides you as to what should be done, how to effectively and efficiently do it, and so on.

  8. Event Marketing: The 2019 Guide - Event Manager Blog
    • Document Your Event Marketing Strategies. You may have heard a goal without a plan or strategy is just a wish. The next step in successful event marketing is documenting your strategy.
    • Establish a Strong Event Budget. Budgets are critical to event success and while social media and word of mouth have allowed event planners to stretch their budgets, neither of these marketing components have made event marketing free.
    • Measure Your Event Marketing Strategies. Now that you’ve created a strong marketing strategy, you’re only half done. You need to find out how effective it is.
    • Include Personas in Your Event Marketing Plan. Measuring success will also help deepen your audience knowledge but you can’t wait for measurements to begin understanding them.
  9. Event Marketing – Marketing Schools

    Nov 18, 2020 · Event marketing is entering a guerrilla era where the physical and the virtual cross paths, offering new options for marketing professionals who create buzz over a service or product. Consider one of McDonalds’ most popular event marketing campaigns – McDonalds Monopoly.

  10. Types of Sampling: Sampling Methods with Examples | QuestionPro

    For example, startups and NGOs usually conduct convenience sampling at a mall to distribute leaflets of upcoming events or promotion of a cause – they do that by standing at the mall entrance and giving out pamphlets randomly. Judgmental or purposive sampling: Judgemental or purposive samples are formed by the discretion of the researcher. Researchers purely consider the purpose of the study, along with the understanding of the target audience.

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