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      • Teachers can enhance their students’ verbal/linguistic intelligence by having them keep journals, play word games, and by encouraging discussion. People with strong rhetorical and oratory skills such as poets, authors, and attorneys exhibit strong linguistic intelligence. › educationallearningtheories3rd › chapter
  1. Jan 3, 2024 · Examples of Linguistic Intelligence. 1. Public Speaking. If you ask 100 people what are their biggest fears in life, a huge majority of them are going to say public speaking. Standing in front of an audience of strangers and giving a speech for 10-minutes, or more, can be nerve-racking.

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  3. Feb 24, 2020 · Linguistic intelligence, also called verbal-linguistic intelligence, is about knowledge of language use, production, and possibilities. Those with this type of intelligence have the ability to use language to express themselves and assign meaning by way of poetry, humor, stories, and metaphors.

  4. Jul 8, 2019 · Linguistic intelligence involves the ability to comprehend words while reading, writing, or speaking. This can include reading and writing in a person’s native tongue, but it also involves the ability to learn new languages.

  5. In the classroom. Supporting and developing linguistic intelligence involves encouraging learners to enjoy real communicating through reading and writing, and speaking and listening. This allows learners to see the purpose of language, and helps them take an interest in it.

  6. As you explore Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, consider how Ms. Cunningham’s multifaceted lessons on the Civil Rights era allow students to explore their own varied intelligences, some they may not even yet realized.

  7. Teaching Knowledge database I-M. Linguistic intelligence - also known as verbal-linguistic - is one of the many types of intelligence described in multiple intelligence theory. People with significant linguistic intelligence are often good at languages and enjoy reading and writing. For example.

  8. Mar 11, 2023 · Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence People who are strong in linguistic-verbal intelligence are able to use words well, both when writing and speaking. These individuals are typically very good at writing stories, memorizing information, and reading.

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