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      • From Tupac and Biggie to Eminem and Jay Z, these are some of the biggest and best collaborations of all time. 1. Dr Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg – 'Nuthin' But A G Thang' The first single on Snoop's album of the same name, 'Nuthin' But A G Thang' is one of the best Hip-Hop collabs ever. A classic track with memorable lyrics.
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  2. Dec 12, 2018 · Tupac Shakur is the most influential hip-hop artist of all time. Even in death, 2Pac remains a transcendental rap figure. Afeni's baby is often imitated but never duplicated.

    • Henry Adaso
    • The Greatest Of All Hip Hop Artists, Dr. Dre. When it comes to hip hop, it doesn’t get much better than Dr. Dre. He can do it all: MC, rap, produce, mentor.
    • Nas. You can’t come close to reaching Nas’ talent as a rapper or lyricist. Unlike most other rappers in the game, Nas has been able to achieve an entire career of success in the hip hop industry and is still going strong.
    • Andre 3000. The better half of Outkast, Andre 3000 was weird in the best way. His individuality and creativity, as well as his lyrical abilities, cemented his place as one of the ultimate hip hop artists ever.
    • Mos Def. Best known now for his roles in various TV shows and movies, Mos Def was once a member of the infamous Black Star group. His talent as both a rapper, producer, and lyricist is not forgotten.
    • Henry Adaso
    • Wu-Tang Clan. The most powerful weapon in any group's arsenal is neither beats nor rhymes--not even one of those big head nodders that RZA used to make every 2 years.
    • N.W.A. Any rapper who's made a buck by voicing social concerns without fear of castigation owes a royalty check to the world's most dangerous group.
    • Run-DMC. Run-DMC's place as the most influential rap group and undeniably one of the greatest hip-hop acts of all-time is unquestionable. The trio shattered barriers for future generations with a bold and wildly innovative style of hip-hop that captivated fans from Queens to Macedonia.
    • A Tribe Called Quest. Tribe was the most successful of their Native Tongues brethren, thanks, in part, to their consistency. By the time Tribe's third disc arrived, that brand of melodic, Crisco-slick classics that gave yield to "Electric Relaxation" and "Award Tour" had become synonymous with ATCQ.
  3. Sep 17, 2004 · Criteria: These 100 Rap/Hip-Hop artists were chosen and ranked based on Influence, Impact, Originality, Popularity.Weighed in that order. Newly added names are in Red

  4. Oct 07, 2019 · We asked 108 critics, artists, tastemakers, producers, and photographers from 15 different countries to name their personal top five hip-hop tracks of all time. There were more than 280 different ...

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