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    • What Does Event Hubs For Kafka provide?
    • Other Event Hubs Features Available For Kafka
    • Features That Are Not Yet Supported
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    The Event Hubs for Kafka feature provides a protocol head on top of Azure Event Hubs that is binary compatible with Kafka versions 1.0 and later for both reading from and writing to Kafka topics. You may start using the Kafka endpoint from your applications with no code change but a minimal configuration change. You update the connection string in configurations to point to the Kafka endpoint exposed by your event hub instead of pointing to your Kafka cluster. Then, you can start streaming ev...

    The Event Hubs for Kafka feature enables you to write with one protocol and read with another, so that your current Kafka producers can continue publishing via Kafka, and you can add readers with Event Hubs, such as Azure Stream Analytics or Azure Functions. Additionally, Event Hubs features such as Capture and Geo Disaster-Recovery also work with the Event Hubs for Kafka feature.

    Here is the list of Kafka features that are not yet supported: 1. Idempotent producer 2. Transaction 3. Compression 4. Size-based retention 5. Log compaction 6. Adding partitions to an existing topic 7. HTTP Kafka API support 8. Kafka Streams

    This article provided an introduction to Event Hubs for Kafka. To learn more, see the following links: 1. How to create Kafka enabled Event Hubs 2. Stream into Event Hubs from your Kafka applications 3. Mirror a Kafka broker in a Kafka-enabled event hub 4. Connect Apache Spark to a Kafka-enabled event hub 5. Connect Apache Flink to a Kafka-enabled event hub 6. Integrate Kafka Connect with a Kafka-enabled event hub 7. Connect Akka Streams to a Kafka-enabled event hub 8. Explore samples on our...

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