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  1. Religion in Albania. The most common religion in Albania is Islam, with the second-most-common religion being Christianity. There are also many irreligious Albanians. There are no official statistics regarding the number of practising religious people per each religious group. [1] [2] Albania has been a secular state since 1967, and as such, is ...

  2. Apr 10, 2018 · Today, Roman Catholics account for 10.03% of Albania’s population, and are thus the biggest group of Christians in the country. Orthodox Christians and Evangelicals account for 6.75% and 0.14% of Albania’s population, respectively. Adherents of other Christian sects are also present in low numbers.

    • Oishimaya Sen Nag
  3. May 12, 2021 · Section I. Religious Demography. The U.S. Government estimates the total population at 3.1 million (midyear 2020 estimate). According to the most recent census conducted in 2011, Sunni Muslims constitute nearly 57 percent of the population, Roman Catholics 10 percent, members of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania nearly 7 percent, and ...

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  5. What is known though is that before the independence of Albania, when the country had 1,500,000 inhabitants, the population's religious percentages were: 65% Muslim, 25% Albanian Orthodox Christian, and 10% Catholic. The CIA World Factbook uses the figures from the 1939 Census of 70% Muslim, 20% Eastern Orthodox Christian, and 10% Catholic.

  6. According to a 2011 census, 58% of Albania 's population adheres to Islam, making it the largest religion in the country. For contemporary Muslims in Albania, Muslim religious practices tend to be minimal.

  7. Feb 01, 2022 · Religion in Albania. Talk to just about any Albanian and they will tell you that religion doesn’t matter. They don’t care what you believe in, it’s your choice. Albania is a Christian country, then after the Ottoman empire, it became predominately Muslim. However, during communism, all religion was banned so it became the first atheist ...

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