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  1. "in english dictionary" in Swedish is

    på engelska ordlista

  2. Swedish - Wiktionary

    Feb 11, 2021 · Swedish (countable and uncountable, plural Swedishes) The language of Sweden and Åland (an autonomous part of Finland). Swedish is also one of the two official languages of Finland, spoken by 6% of the citizens. A very small minority in Estonia has Swedish as their mother tongue. quotations ▼

  3. Swedish phonology - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Swedish has a large vowel inventory, with nine vowels distinguished in quality and to some degree quantity, making 17 vowel phonemes in most dialects. Swedish pronunciation of most consonants is similar to that of other Germanic languages. Another notable feature is the pitch accent, which is unusual for European languages.

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  5. Collins English Dictionary | Definitions, Translations ...

    3 days ago · English Visual Dictionary A photographic guide to 3000 key words and phrases in British English. This attractive pocket-sized book is a perfect English language travel companion and guide to life and culture in the UK.

  6. List of online dictionaries - Wikipedia

    Feb 15, 2021 · An online dictionary is a dictionary that is accessible via the Internet through a web browser.They can be made available in a number of ways: free, free with a paid subscription for extended or more professional content, or a paid-only service.

  7. mus - Wiktionary

    Feb 16, 2021 · Germanic cognates include Icelandic mús, Faroese mús, Danish mus, Swedish mus, German Maus, German Low German Muus, Dutch muis, and English mouse. Indo-European cognates include Albanian mi , Ancient Greek μῦς ( mûs ) , Armenian մուկ ( muk ) , Hindi मूस ( mūs ) , Latin mūs , Persian موش ‎ , and Russian мышь ( myšʹ ) .

  8. Riksdag - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · In Swedish use, riksdagen is usually uncapitalized. Riksdag derives from the genitive of rike, referring to royal power, and dag, meaning diet or conference; the German word Reichstag and the Danish Rigsdag are cognate. The Oxford English Dictionary traces English use of the term "Riksdag" in reference to the Swedish assembly back to 1855.

  9. Perjury definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    5 days ago · noun Word forms: plural ˈperjuries 1. the willful telling of a lie while under lawful oath or affirmation to tell the truth in a matter material to the point of inquiry 2.

  10. A Dictionary of the English Language - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · In English (among others), John Cowell's Interpreter, a law dictionary, was published in 1607, Edward Phillips' The new world of English words came out in 1658 and a dictionary of 40,000 words had been prepared in 1721 by Nathan Bailey, though none was as comprehensive in breadth or style as Johnson's.

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