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  1. The Bronx High School of Science counts eight Nobel Prize recipients as graduates. Seven of these Nobel laureates received their prize in the field of physics. Robert J. Lefkowitz was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Leon N. Cooper (1947), co–developer of BCS theory; namesake of Cooper pairs

  2. Many parents, especially of recent immigration, wanted their daughters away from male peers altogether, a factor commonly important to Italians, comprising nearly 33% of Bay Ridge High School's students, many of whom commuted from a wide area since parents viewed this girls' high school as "safe", like a parochial school. Although Brooklyn's ...

  3. Jul 20, 2022 · The Bronx; Brooklyn; Connecticut; Hudson Valley ... in a lab and packaged into nanoparticles that to the immune system resemble a virus. Another difference: An ingredient called an adjuvant, that ...

  4. Jul 17, 2022 · NEW YORK — The main fire safety system failed disastrously in a blaze at a Bronx apartment building in January, The New York Times has found. Seventeen people were killed. The deaths were preventable, experts said. No one died from the fire itself, which was largely contained in the two-story apartment where it started — Apt. 3N, home to the Wague family. But when multiple self-closing ...

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  6. An Examination of the Relationship between Government Funding Allocation and Services Provided by Nonprofit Organizations in Brooklyn and the Bronx, 1997-2000 (2007) The Concurrent Validity of Maternal Self-report: The Impact of Social Desirability on Substance Use and Prenatal Care (2006)

  7. › en › schoolsNYC MySchools is dedicated to our friend and colleague, Dave Yang, who spearheaded the creation of this enrollment platform, and who was a force for change and progress at NYC DOE.

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