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  1. Short name lower case in ISO 3166 Full name in ISO 3166 Listed as independent in ISO 3166 Local short name Language(s) Links to ISO 3166-2 People's Republic of China: CHINA: China: the People's Republic of China: Yes: Zhongguo: Putonghua: ISO 3166-2:CN: Republic of China: TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA: Taiwan (Province of China) No: Taiwan: Guoyu ...

  2. China is the origin of Eastern martial arts, called Kung Fu or its first name Wushu. China is also the home of the well-respected Spa Monastery and Wudang Mountains. Martial art started more for the purpose of survival, defense, and warfare than art. Over time some art forms have branched off, while others have retained their distinct Chinese ...

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    The two-character ISO 3166-1 code that identifies the country or region. Note: The country code for Great Britain is GB and not UK as used in the top-level domain names for that country. Use the C2 country code for China worldwide for comparable uncontrolled price (CUP) method, bank card, and cross-border transactions.

  4. "Mainland China" is a geopolitical term defined as the territory governed by the People's Republic of China (including islands like Hainan or Chongming), excluding dependent territories of the PRC and other territories within Greater China. By convention, the territories that fall outside of the Chinese mainland include:

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