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  1. Learning Strategy Written by Ardent Learning 1/11/2021 Instructional design combines education, behavioral psychology, and communication strategies to create the most effective training designs for specific groups of learners.

  2. Jan 1, 2000 · Articulating learning outcomes for students is part of good teaching. Because tutorial videos are short, there should be no more than one to three learning outcomes. One is the best for discrete skills videos, three is better for more informational videos used for flipped classrooms. How People Learn by John Bransford. ISBN: 0585321078.

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    • Type-On Live Slides
    • Write Or Highlight on Slides
    • Just-In-Time Course Material

    PowerPoint allows users to type directly during the slide show, which provides another form of interaction. These write-on slides can be used to project students’ comments and ideas for the entire class to see. When the presentation is over, the new material can be saved to the original file and posted electronically. This feature requires advanced...

    PowerPoint also allows users to use tools to highlight or write directly onto a presentation while it is live. When you are presenting your PowerPoint, move your cursor over the slide to reveal tools in the lower-left corner. One of the tools is a pen icon. Click this icon to choose either a laser pointer, pen, or highlighter. You can use your curs...

    You can make your PowerPoint slides, outline, and/or notes pages available online 24/7 through Blackboard, OneDrive, other websites. Students can review the material before class, bring printouts to class, and better prepare themselves for listening rather than taking a lot of notes during the class period. They can also come to class prepared with...

  4. Oct 31, 2019 · This is always where we start our conversation that, in essence, defines my ethics of video lectures in instructional design. This is a very loose framework, and not necessarily based on any particular theory I’ve encountered, but rather through observations of multitudes of online courses using various approaches to content delivery and ...

  5. Introduction Often, our lessons will be accompanied by instructional materials such as slide decks, videos, handouts, and worksheets. Used well, these materials are integral to the session, and to be effective, they need the same careful level of planning and design as the rest of our lesson.

    • Laura Saunders, Melissa A. Wong
    • 2020
  6. Start creating your instructional design document by listing all of the topics that will be covered in the training. Making sure you’re covering all of the right topics is usually the first thing your stakeholders and subject matter experts will be interested in verifying. The point here is not to focus on the modalities or learning objectives.