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      • Ultimately, you will receive a VAT registration number, which establishes you in the Filipino tax system as a legal business. This number tracks your business through the system: the taxes you pay, the tax credits you receive, plus the tax you charge from customers. Do you need a local tax representative?
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  2. VAT stands for Value Added Tax. VAT is a type of sales tax which is levied on consumption on the sale of goods, services or properties, as well as importation, in the Philippines. To simplify, it means that a certain tax rate (0% to 12%) is added up to the selling price of a goods or services sold. It is also imposed on imported goods from abroad.

  3. In the Philippines, the VAT rate is set at 12% and is applied to the taxable gross selling price of properties and goods along with the gross value of service receipts and property leases. 0% VAT-rated transactions Under the VAT framework in the Philippines, certain sales can be classified as zero-rated or 0% VAT sales.

  4. What is a VAT registration number? A VAT registration number is alphanumeric and consists of up to 15 characters. The first two letters indicate the respective member state, for example DE for Germany. When entering your VAT number, it must include the two letters that identify your EU member state (e.g. DK for Denmark, EL for Greece, and GB ...

  5. Value-added Tax (VAT)Registration in the Philippines GST, or more formally known as Goods and Services Tax, is a kind of value-added tax that is levied on the supply of goods and services in the country. Mostly paid by consumers, the tax received by the consumers is returned to the government and acts as a form of revenue to the government.

  6. What are the VAT reports in the Philippines? There are two types of VAT reports in the Philippines, and they are; A. BIR Form No. 2550M. BIR Form No.2550M is the monthly Value-Added-Tax Declarations, a form outlining the sales tax imposed on sales of goods and services in the Philippines. A VAT-registered person shall perform the return in the Philippines.

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