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    Formal theory. Formally, a string is a finite, ordered sequence of characters such as letters, digits or spaces. The empty string is the special case where the sequence has length zero, so there are no symbols in the string.

  2. This partial list of city nicknames in New York compiles the aliases, sobriquets, and slogans that cities in the U.S. state of New York are known by (or have been known by historically), officially and unofficially, to municipal governments, local people, outsiders, or the cities' tourism boards or chambers of commerce.

  3. As with the rest of the US, agencies operate at federal, state, and local (county and city) levels. However, New York City's unique nature means many more operate at lower levels. Many private police forces also operate in New York City. The New York City Police Department is the main police agency in the city. Stop-and-frisk

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    Rep. Mayra Flores, R-Texas, spoke with Fox News Digital about her election defeat, how the media covers Latino Republicans, and her future in an exclusive interview.

  5. Edison has been one of the fastest-growing municipalities in New Jersey. As of the 2000 United States Census, it was the fifth most-populated municipality in the state, after the cities of Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and Elizabeth. Edison is primarily a middle-class community with more than 75 ethnic communities represented.

  6. Feb 12, 2022 · From 1660 until the end of French rule, Michigan was part of the Royal Province of New France. French-Canadian fur traders and Jesuit missionaries were the first European to explore and settle in the region in the 17th century. In 1691, the French established Fort St. Joseph, a trading post on the St. Joseph River, and in 1701 t

  7. On July 20, 1764, King George III established the boundary between New Hampshire and New York along the west bank of the Connecticut River, north of Massachusetts and south of the parallel of 45 degrees north latitude. Albany County implicitly gained present-day Vermont. Although disputes occasionally broke out later, this line became the ...

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