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      • Students Want to be There Effective schools have a warm climate. Students feel welcome and know that the staff cares about them. ...
      • Highest Expectations For the School, Teachers and Students Only the best is good enough. Quality is expected, and nothing less is acceptable. ...
      • Dedicated Teachers The best teachers work to improve their ability to teach. ...
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  2. What Makes a Great School? | Harvard Graduate School of Education › 10 › what-makes-great-school

    Oct 23, 2017 · Schools with more affluent student bodies tend to produce high test scores. Perceived as “good,” they become the objects of desire for well-resourced and quality-conscious parents. Conversely, schools with more diverse student bodies are dismissed as bad.

  3. Here Are 8 Things That Make a Good School › here-are-8-things-that-make-a
    • Teachers must believe all students can learn. If you are in my children’s school and you don’t believe they can learn, then goodbye. Don’t let your classroom door hit you on the way out (well…maybe it should).
    • Students from all backgrounds who are racially, ethnically, linguistically or economically different are learning. If a school is majority White, but the Black kids are failing, this is not a good school.
    • Teachers must know their content well. Some students are not learning because their teachers haven’t learned. No, a first-year teacher will not be as good as a ten-year teacher, but we need more teachers knowledgeable in their content and not learning on the job.
    • The school communicates with parents clearly and frequently about important issues and asks for input before making decisions. The school serves the community.
  4. Top 10 Characteristics of a Quality School › characteristics-of-a-quality
    • Attitude of the Office Staff. The first thing that greets you when you enter a school is the office staff. Their actions set the tone for the rest of the school.
    • Attitude of the Principal. You will probably have the chance to meet with the principal before taking a job at a school. His attitude is extremely important for you and the school as a whole.
    • A Mix of New and Veteran Teachers. New teachers come into a school fired up to teach and innovate. Many feel that they can make a difference. At the same time, they often have a lot to learn about classroom management and the workings of the school system.
    • Student-Centered. To be truly effective, a principal must create a system of core values that the entire staff shares. To do this, she needs to involve the teachers and staff.
  5. What Makes a Good School | HuffPost › entry › what-makes-a-good-school

    Nov 05, 2010 · Only the best is good enough. Quality is expected, and nothing less is acceptable. Passion for excellence is a driving force each and every day. A good school has an involved staff working together, pushing themselves and their students to be the best.

  6. What Makes a Good School? - Educational Endeavors › what-makes-a-good-school

    May 07, 2021 · “Both teacher longevity and low administration turnover are good signs that the school has a positive and healthy school culture,” Walter says. Academic Growth: How well a school does on standardized tests doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good school. A better measure may be whether or not its scores are improving from year to year.

  7. The Characteristics Of A Good School | by Terry Heick › education › the
    • A good school visibly and substantively improves the community it is embedded within.
    • A good school adapts quickly to social change.
    • A good school uses every resource, advantage, gift, and opportunity it has to grow students and tends to see more resources, advantages, gifts, and opportunities than lower-performing schools.
    • A good school has students who get along with and support one another towards a common goal–and they know what that goal is.
  8. Award-Winning Principal Shares The 10 Qualities Of A Good School › qualities-of-a-good-school
    • The right people are appointed and placed in the right positions. Staff shouldn’t stay in the same place doing the same thing for too long. There needs to be enthusiasm and a sense of direction for every staff member, including the principal.
    • There is the understanding that first and foremost, a school must provide an outstanding education. After that, it can be whatever the stakeholders want… whether it is religious, sporting, innovative, performing arts, leadership, etc.
    • The right questions are asked of the right people. Constant communication between staff, students and parents is desirable and necessary. A child should be able to say, “My teacher knows me and understands how I learn”.
    • The question is constantly asked, “Could we be better?” No matter how great it is, no school can afford to be complacent. The way you’ve always done things may be very good, but could it be better?
  9. Beyond Test Scores, What Really Makes a “Good” School ... › blog › beyond-test-scores-what

    What makes a “good” school? Ask 10 parents, and you’ll get 10 different answers. When this question is broached in online community groups — often by those relocating to a new city, or house hunting locally and trying to focus their search — many parents will cite test scores as the holy grail for schools.

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