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  1. German Tiger II tanks. Nazi Germany developed numerous tank designs used in World War II. In addition to domestic designs, Germany also used various captured and foreign-built tanks. German tanks were an important part of the Wehrmacht and played a fundamental role during the whole war, and especially in the blitzkrieg battle strategy.

  2. Share: In the middle of 1943, the Germans began developing a new series of tanks called the E-series. The E-100 Super Heavy Tank was the most advanced tank in this series. The Germans used everything they had learned about tank warfare when they began designing the E-series, which included the E-10, the E-25, the E-50 and the.

  3. Nazi Germany had several tank designs during World War II. In addition to these domestic designs, Germany also used various captured and foreign-built tanks. German tank production line. Contents 1 Development and uses 2 Overview per tank 2.1 Panzer I 2.2 Panzer II 2.3 Panzer III 2.4 Panzer IV 2.5 Panther 2.6 Tiger I 2.7 Tiger II 3 See also

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  4. The Panther was the best German main battle tank of the war, I think the Germans only started making these large heavily armed tanks to deal with the Russian tanks, their T-34s caused a real panic among their troops, after all the Panther was based on the T-34, but before they could get the Panther in production, they came up with the Tiger I which was just a heavily armoured pillbox on tracks armed with the best tank killer the Germans had in the 88mm gun. As a tank it was slow and they ...

  5. KV-2 (Klimenti Voroshilov) Heavy Tank / Assault Gun 25 1933 Landsverk L-Series Six-Wheeled Armored Car 26 1930 Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 Light Tank Prototype / Tank Trainer 27 1934 LT vz. 34 Light Tank 28 1936 LT vz. 35 / PzKpfW 35 (t) Light Tank 29 1939 LT vz. 38 / PzKpfW 38 (t) (SdKfz 140) Light Tank 30 1942 M4 Sherman (Medium Tank, M4) Medium Tank

  6. Panzer III. A medium tank (22 tons) with a crew of five, the main German tank in 1940-1942. Initially it had a 37mm gun (and two machine guns), but was planned for future use of bigger guns. It participated in small numbers in the invasion of Poland, but mass production began after the beginning of World War 2, with a 50mm gun .

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