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  1. Fishing Knots. In this fishing guide, we take a look at a wide variety of fishing line knots as well as diagrams that explain how to tie fishing line into each type of knot. You will learn how to tie line-to-hook knots, which are used to secure hooks, lures, and swivels to the fishing line; line-to-line knots, which will tie one fishing line to ...

  2. The chart that follows will help you decide which hook size to use. In general, use a hook that is not so big that a fish can easily detect it, but not so small that it can be easily swallowed. GOING BARBLESS Some people may prefer to use barbless hooks. Any hook can be made barbless simply by using a pair of pliers to bend the barb down.

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  4. There are 5 main parts to just about any fishing hook. As you can see in the diagram to the right, these parts are the eye, the shank, the bend, the point, and the barb. Allow me to explain each of these components further. 1. Eye The eye is where you attach your fishing line or leader to. It is the link between your line and the hook.

  5. Extensive charts to help you identify and determine the exact age of Heddon fishing lures, based on information from Clyde Harbin and others who produced this original work over many years. As one tries to match up early lures with the correct box, the size and length of the lure is a good indication of what lure is correct for a given year or ...

  6. The present invention concerns a fly fishing rod with a detachable reel and reel seat assembly. The fly fishing rod of the present invention comprises a rod shaft and a handgrip disposed at an inner end rod shaft, and is adapted for removably connecting a reel to the handgrip by means of a hollow cylindrical reel seat.

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  7. used to cast light to medium size lures. 3. Spinning Gear. (Figure 3). Spinning reels can cast farther than spincast gear. The fishing line on a spinning reel is exposed, and the index finger is used to release the line and to control the line. Vari-ous spinning gear is used for casting very light to heavy lures. 4. Baitcast Gear. (Figure 4).

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