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    • How to get started in Lure fishing?

      • Starting out. Getting started in lure fishing can be a mine field and it can be the most confusing thing ever. When I was a lad, you had any rod and reel you could get your hands on, and you armed yourself with a spinner and a plug if you were lucky and off you went.
  1. Sep 20, 2016 · A cheaper rod will do you a fantastic job and isn’t that important when starting out. So we are going light lures 3-15g and 4-10cm lures as a rough guide. Now go and look around the web, don’t buy anything, just see what you can find and come back to me in ten minutes, and read on.

  2. Aug 01, 2018 · The 3 biggest challenges in fishing for beginners are finding fish, tying on the right fishing tackle, and using the best technique to catch fish on that tackle. This guide breaks down all 3 challenges and gives you step by step directions for your first fishing trip.

  3. Fishing Knots. In this fishing guide, we take a look at a wide variety of fishing line knots as well as diagrams that explain how to tie fishing line into each type of knot. You will learn how to tie line-to-hook knots, which are used to secure hooks, lures, and swivels to the fishing line; line-to-line knots, which will tie one fishing line to ...

  4. Where to begin? The variety of reels, rods, hooks and lures can be bewildering. Look for instructions on how to tie line to your reel in the package of line you purchase. fly bait-casting cover body push button handle spin-casting spinning A closed-faced, spin-casting rod and reel is a good first choice. drag

  5. Jun 07, 2020 · Topwater lures like 3-7cm poppers (such as the Brenious Risepop) and stickbaits provide the ultimate whiting on lures experience, with visual strikes and remarkably hyped-up attacks from these fish. One of the best tricks for topwater whiting lure fishing is to vary your retrieves to suit the mood of the fish.

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  7. Always remove any lures or hooks attached to your line so that you don’t damage your fishing line and rod covers. For long-term storage, loosen the drag line so that it won’t break from stress or while you’re in the middle of a fishing trip. Conclusion. Putting a new line on your fishing reel can be a disastrous job if not done properly.

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