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  1. • Artificial bait-manmade material used to attract fish, commonly referred to as lures • Bait- either a material found in nature or artificially made to attract fish • Bucktail- metal head with single hook; colored hair protruding backwards from head;

  2. A smooth finish blade reflects light from only one point of the blade. Hammered blades reflect light from most of their surface. SIZE Plays a part in how deep the lure will run. Large blades give more lift to a lure than small blades so large blade lures will run shallower than small blade lures.

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  4. This lure pattern suits boats over eight metres long that are quite wide or able to easily spread the lures. As the diagram shows, the two short lures are run on the same wave – either wave two or wave three. The two longer lures are run on the same wave as well, skipping a wave between the short lures – so either wave four or wave five.

  5. lures. Larger sinkers are fine for larger lures. For really tiny lures even the smallest sinkers are overkill, so try switching to ball bearings. If you want to go lead-free, then brass rod can be cut into short lengths and used to weight your lures. - Adhesive. I use 24 hour curing, two part epoxy for my lures. The 5 minute cure stuff breaks

  6. 2. Divide students into small groups of 3-4 students and distribute Student Worksheet and two set-ups (see materials above) to each group. 3. Ask the groups to examine the schematic of a series circuit on the Student Worksheet and draw their own plan for a parallel circuit in the space provided. 4.

  7. A fishing lure consisting a wingcase wobbler that is arranged for releasable attachment to a bait having, as opposite ends, an eyelet and a barbed hook. The wingcase wobbler is formed from a flat section of a flexible plastic material, may be clear or colored, is shaped with a rounded bow end, and tapers along opposite sides to a flat stern having a slot formed along its longitudinal axis, and ...

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