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    • What is the national flag of Serbia?

      • The flag of Serbia (Serbian: Застава Србије / zastava Srbije), also known as the Tricolor (тробојка / trobojka), is a tricolor consisting of three equal horizontal bands, red on the top and blue in the middle , and white on the bottom .
  1. The citizens have thus noticed that Serbs have their flag too. Serbia used the red, blue and white tricolor as a national flag continuously from 1835 until 1918, when Serbia ceased to be a sovereign state after it joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later known as Yugoslavia, the tricolor was a used as a Serbian civil flag, from ...

    • Државна застава / Državna zastava
    • 1882 (flag of Kingdom of Serbia), 2004 (readoption), 2010 (standardized)
  2. First Serbian Uprising Serbian Revolution: War flag during the First Serbian Uprising and Serbian Revolution. Red background with two coat of arms (the Serbian cross and Triballian boar) at the centre, Serbian Crown Jewels on the top and two Voivode flags on the bottom. Adopted as the flag of Topola. 1790–1792: Habsburg-occupied Serbia

    Horizontal tricolor of red, blue, and ...
    A tricolor of three equally sized ...
    Flag of Serbs of Croatia
    A tricolor of three equally sized ...
    Horizontal tricolor of red, blue, and ...
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  4. national flag containing three equal red, blue, and white horizontal stripes and, near the hoist, the Serbian coat of arms. Its width-to-length ratio is 2 to 3.The design of the Serbian flag dates to Serbia’s revolt against Ottoman rule in 1804, when it adopted the white-blue-red tricolour flag of Russia but with the order of the stripes rearranged. Eventually these became known as the pan ...

  5. Serbia in World War II. Throughout the interwar years the king had attempted to build diplomatic links, initially with France and Czechoslovakia and after 1933 through the Balkan Entente with Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and Turkey. During the late 1930s, however, Yugoslavia found itself facing an embarrassing divide between its closest economic ...

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    Feb 04, 2018 · Soviet Union National Flag of World War 2 Soviet Union National Flag Meaning: The Soviet Union (USSR) flag is a plain red and contains a hammer crossed with a sickle and a red star in the upper hoist. The sickle is meant to symbolize the agricultural workers of the nation and the hammer the industrial employees.

  7. Feb 06, 2020 · BIRN. February 6, 2020 07:54. After Yugoslav leader Tito died and the state began to collapse, Serbia developed a new understanding of World War II history with nationalist Chetniks reassessed as ...