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  1. PS5 Restock Updates: Check Inventory At Walmart, Target ... › articles › ps5-restocks-where-to

    4 days ago · Amazon PS5 restocks tend to sell out even quicker than other major retailers, which makes securing the console quite a challenge. However, Amazon did have a surprise PS5 restock on July 21. See ...

    • Jenae Sitzes
  2. Best upcoming PS5 games to anticipate in 2021 and beyond › games › buyers-guides
    • Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Release date: August 24 2021. PS5 exclusive: Yes. Publisher: Sony. This entirely new IP has an absolutely beautiful art style that's infused by anime stylings and the work of both Studio Ghibli and Pixar - we're impressed by its art design, suffice to say.
    • Deathloop. Release date: September 14 2021. PS5 exclusive: No, also on PC. Publisher: Bethesda. This stylish tactical stealth-shooter is from the genius team at Arkane Studios that did such incredible work on the Dishonored series, and looks like it takes a few leaves from that book.
    • Rainbow Six Extraction. Release date: September 16 2021. PS5 exclusive: No, also on Xbox and PC. Publisher: Ubisoft. This spinoff from Rainbow Six Siege looks like a fun cross between that game's hardcore shooter mechanics and the co-op fun of Left 4 Dead, with objectives to complete that will challenge you to work as a team and think on your feet.
    • Far Cry 6. squirrel_widget_2682686. Release date: October 7 2021. PS5 exclusive: No. Publisher: Ubisoft. The latest in the Far Cry series is on its way, and it looks like it'll be as explosive as ever.
  3. PS5 restock updates: Where to buy a PlayStation 5 › where-to-buy-ps5-stock-updates

    Jul 22, 2021 · Remember though, a PS5 should be $499 and the Digital Edition is $399, so don't get caught out by third-party listings that often appear. View Deal Walmart - last PS5 restock on July 1

  4. PS5 & PS4 New Releases - New PS5 & PS4 Games Releasing This ... › news › ps5-ps4-new-releases-new-ps5

    Jul 26, 2021 · PS5 & PS4 New Releases – Another week, another set of releases coming to PS5 and PS4, and since its the end of the month some of these are the most highly anticipated releases for July as we ...

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  6. Video Game Release Dates: Biggest Games of 2021 and Beyond - IGN › articles › video-game-release-dates

    Jul 22, 2021 · July 2021 - PS4 / PS5 Release Dates Where the Heart Leads - July 13 - Buy It F1 2021 - July 16 - Buy It: PS4 | PS5 Cotton Reboot - July 20 - Buy It

  7. Jul 25, 2021 · (Image credit: Matt Swider / Instagram) PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider has helped 59,700 people in the US buy a next-gen console in 2021 with his tireless 24/7 tracking, in-stock Twitter alerts and exclusive restock reporting.

  8. 2021 Upcoming PS4 Games: Every PlayStation 4 Game Releasing ... › news › 2021-upcoming-ps4-games-every

    Jul 23, 2021 · January 2021 – Upcoming PS4 Games. Iris.Fall – January 7, 2021. The King of Fighters XIV Ultimate Edition (Europe) – January 7, 2021. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition ...

  9. GTA 6 news and rumors: everything we know so far | TechRadar › news › gta-6-release-date-news
    • A female protagonist. When asked about a female protagonist for GTA 5, instead of three male heroes (or anti-heroes), Rockstar co-founder and lead writer Dan Houser said in an interview with The Guardian back in 2013 that a female lead wasn’t really on the table, but not intentionally.
    • Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling. Rumours of a female protagonist are super exciting, but there’s more. Apparently, Eva Mendez is top of Rockstar’s list for playing said hero.
    • Full support for virtual reality. Another GTA 6 rumour involves virtual reality and according to the online rumblings, you may be able to play the entirety of GTA 6 in VR.
    • Time travel or another futuristic twist. With the murmurings of a seriously big map for GTA 6, there are also some rumours of time travelling being a major part of the game.
  10. 30 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games To Look Forward To In 2021 › guides › 30-upcoming-nintendo
    • Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch) Our Review. Profile. Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Camelot. Release Date: 25th Jun 2021 (USA) / 25th Jun 2021 (UK/EU) Introduced in the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, this is the long-awaited return to the fairways for the Mushroom Kingdom's finest.
    • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (Switch) Our Review. Profile. Publisher: Activision / Developer: Vicarious Visions. Release Date: 25th Jun 2021 (USA) / 25th Jun 2021 (UK/EU)
    • Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny (Switch) Our Review. Profile. Publisher: NIS America / Developer: Nippon Ichi. Release Date: 29th Jun 2021 (USA) / 29th Jun 2021 (UK/EU)
    • Sky: Children of the Light (Switch eShop) Our Review. Profile. Publisher: thatgamecompany / Developer: thatgamecompany. Release Date: 29th Jun 2021 (USA) / 29th Jun 2021 (UK/EU)
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