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    • What to Do if You’re Waitlisted – BigFuture | College Board
      • Waitlisted applicants can expect to hear back from the college that waitlisted them after the May 1 deadline for high school seniors to submit their college applications. For some students, the wait time may stretch well into the summer, shortly before fall classes are due to start.
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  2. You’ll forfeit this deposit if the college that waitlisted you offers you a place and you accept. Still, you need to be sure you have a place in an incoming first-year class next fall. Take Control of the Waitlist Process.

  3. Fall-term freshman applicants will receive waitlist offers by the end of March, with an opt-in deadline of April 15. Waitlists could extend into the summer based on specific campus enrollment needs. You can accept waitlist offers from multiple campuses, but you can only accept one offer of admission.

  4. If you decide to stay on the waitlist, you won't get a college decision notification until possibly as late as August, right before the school year starts. When you hear back ultimately depends on the school and how quickly it's able to fill up its new freshman class. College Acceptance Dates 2023

  5. Jun 28, 2018 · On average, 13 percent of students accepting a place on a waitlist were admitted. 63 percent of the schools admitted 10 percent or less of the students accepting a place on the wait list last year. 51 percent of the schools admitted 5 percent or less. 16 percent admitted no one. There are several factors driving the low rates, including the ...

  6. May 12, 2021 · Share this Article. Waitlists give colleges a pool of students to help them fill seats and form a diverse class. This year, waitlists are expected to be longer due to a surge in applications. Colleges typically finalize waitlist offers by June 1, but the process can extend into the summer.

  7. Applicants who accepted our waitlist offer: Fall 2019: 39%, or 5,085 applicants Fall 2020: 48%, or 10,080 applicants Fall 2021: 73%, or 13,149 applicants Fall 2022: 72%, or 15,076 applicants. Applicants who were admitted from the waitlist: Fall 2019: 2%, or 106 applicants Fall 2020: 13%, or 1,289 applicants

  8. Apr 9, 2021 · Universities usually offer applicants waitlist spots during the regular decision round of admission. Wait-listed applicants generally won't hear back about a decision on their admission until after the national May 1 deadline for high school seniors to submit their deposit and secure their spot at a college.

  9. › admission-decision › waitlist-faqWaitlist FAQ : UMass Amherst

    Does UMass Amherst want me to send anything else to Undergraduate Admissions? Realistically, what are my chances of being selected from the waitlist for fall admission? When and how will the university start selecting students from the waitlist? Should I accept another school’s offer of admission?

  10. Students who apply by the regular admission deadline cannot receive deferral letters. Deferred college admission only occurs at institutions that offer early decision or early action. Early admission allows students to submit their applications in the late fall, usually around November, rather than in January (for regular or rolling admission).

  11. If you would like to explore entry for spring 2024, we recommend that you accept your spot on the fall 2023 waitlist first, and then email to learn about your next steps. If you are interested in attending another university for the entire 2023–2024 academic year and transferring to IU in fall 2024, please visit our ...

  12. Apr 12, 2023 · 1. Accept your waitlisted offer First things first—be sure to accept your waitlisted status. When a school informs you that you have been waitlisted, they are essentially offering you a spot on the waitlist. Therefore, to be added to the waitlist, you must accept the waitlist offer.

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