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  1. Leonese ( Leonese: llionés, Asturian: lleonés) is a set of vernacular Romance language varieties currently spoken in northern and western portions of the historical region of León in Spain (the modern provinces of León, Zamora, and Salamanca) and a few adjoining areas in Portugal.

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    • 20,000–50,000 (2008)
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  3. Leonese language ( llionés in Leonese) is the language of León and Zamora, both in Spain, and Bragança, in Portugal. A Romance language, Leonese was the language of the Kingdom of León in the Middle Ages . Leonese is recognised by the UN as "seriously endangered" and is officially recognised by Castile and León . Education

    • 20,000–50,000 (2008)
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    León ( Spanish: [leˈon]; Leonese: Llión [ʎiˈoŋ]) is a city and municipality of Spain, capital of the province of León, part of the autonomous community of Castile and León, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a population of 124,303 (2019), [2] by far the largest municipality in the province.

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  6. Galician. The Region of León, Leonese region or Leonese Country ( Leonese: País Llionés, Spanish: región de León and Asturian: rexón de Llión) is a historic territory defined by the 1833 Spanish administrative organisation. The Leonese region encompassed the provinces of Salamanca, Zamora, and León, now part of the modern Spanish ...

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  7. Flag of Kingdom of León at the times of King Alfonso VII (1105–1157) Shield of Alfonso IX displayed in the Tumbo A manuscript of 12th century. The purple lion emblem displayed in the Tumbo A . The taking of Toledo , the old Visigoth capital, in 1085 by Alfonso VI of León was a turning point in the development of León and Castile and the ...