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  1. Literature written in Leonese started in the Middle Ages and is still written today. The first written text in Leonese is the Nodicia of Kesos (959 or 974), found in Ardón. Other works in Leonese include the Fueru de Llión , Fueru de Salamanca , Fueru Xulgu , Códice d'Alfonsu XI , Disputa d'Elena y María and Llibru d'Alixandre .

    • 20,000–50,000 (2008)
    • Spain, Portugal
  2. Leonese was probably spoken in a much larger area in the Middle Ages, roughly corresponding to the old Kingdom of León. As the Castilian language became the main language in Spain, the linguistic features of the Leonese language retreated progressively westwards. In the late 1990s several associations unofficially promoted Leonese language ...

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  4. Answer (1 of 5): Well historically Asturian-Leonese has been one of the first languages to be dropped in favour of Spanish and it is one of the closest languages to Castilian.

  5. Leonese is the same language as Asturian spoken to the south and is in much worse shape. It is also not an official language of Spain, but it is an official language of Castille and Leon where it is spoken. Amazingly, there are still Leonese monolinguals in the high mountains in Northwestern Castille and Leon.

  6. Summary. Description. WIKITONGUES- José Benito speaking Leonese.webm. English: This video was recorded by Ana Laguna in Salamanca, Spain, where she and José Benito met at a conference for the Leonese language. Leonese is spoken by as many as 50,000 people, primarily in the Castile y León region of western Spain.

  7. Mirandese is a descendant of the Astur-Leonese variety spoken in the Kingdom of León and has both archaisms and innovations that differentiate it from the modern varieties of Astur-Leonese spoken in Spain. In recognition of these differences, and due to its political isolation from the rest of the Astur-Leonese speaking territory, Mirandese ...

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