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  1. The Leonese Local Government uses the Leonese language in some of their bureaus, organizes courses for adults and in 2007 organized Leonese Language Day. The Leonese Local Government official website uses the Leonese language. The Leonese language is taught in two schools of León city since February 2008.

  2. Portuguese, which is spoken in Portugal and Brazil, has many similarities to Spanish. Statistics. In 2009, for the first time in history, Spanish was the most common "mother tongue" language of the western world, more than English. It was also the second most common language on Earth, after Chinese.

  3. Modern Galician is spoken by around 3.2 million people and is ranked 160th by number of speakers. Additionally, the Asturian language, although not an official language, is recognised by the autonomous community of Asturias. It is one of the Astur-Leonese languages with Mirandese, which in Portugal has official status as minority language.

  4. r is pronounced differently to English, being a gargling sound made at the back of your throat. th is pronounced as a "t", not like in English. x is pronounced "gz" or "ks". b, d, f, k, p, ph, s, t, v, w and z are pronounced the same as in English. If a word ends with a consonant, this will usually not be pronounced unless the next word starts ...

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