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    A Leonese speaker, recorded in Spain. Leonese (Leonese: Llionés, Asturian: Lleonés) is a set of vernacular Romance language varieties currently spoken in northern and western portions of the historical region of León in Spain (the modern provinces of León, Zamora, and Salamanca) and a few adjoining areas in Portugal.

    • 20,000–50,000 (2008)
    • Spain, Portugal
  2. How are Lebanese people seen in Mexico? - Quora › How-are-Lebanese-people-seen-in-Mexico

    I agree with every answer in this post, and identify with Luis Fernando Mata Licón’s answer, because I also live in the North and my city has a very important population of Lebanese people, with good reputation and mainly business owners.

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  4. Nuevo León - Wikipedia › wiki › Nuevo_León

    As of 2010, Nuevo León's economy represents 11.4% of Mexico's total gross domestic product or US$165 billion. Nuevo León's economy has a strong focus on export oriented manufacturing (i.e. maquiladora / INMEX). As of 2005, 431,551 people are employed in the manufacturing sector.

  5. Spanish Dialects | Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Latin ... › spanish › spanish

    The two major ones are Castilian and Latin American Spanish, which includes Mexican and Puerto Rician. Castilian Spanish is spoken in Spain and in some of its territories and former colonies. Latin-American Spanish is spoken in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Other Spanish dialects are Andalusian, Murcian, Aragonese, Navarrese, Leonese, and Canary Islands Spanish.

  6. Arab, Lebanese in Mexico | Joshua Project › people_groups › 13017

    The Joshua Project Progress Scale is an estimate of the progress of church planting among a people group, people cluster, country or language. The Progress Scale is derived from people group values for percent Evangelical and percent Christian Adherent.

  7. Why is it that Castillians, Madridians, Leonese and ... › Why-is-it-that-Castillia

    Asturian-Leonese has been in the same kingdom as Castilian since any of the 2 languages exist, Castilian is originally from the County of Castile which was the eastern more Basque-influenced end of the kingdom of León. So Castilian and Leonese have coexisted since they became different langauges from the same dialect of Latin.

  8. Most Commonly Spoken Mexican Languages › most-mexico
    • Spanish. Throughout Mexico. 110 million.
    • Nahuatl. Mostly central Mexico. 2 million.
    • English. Throughout Mexico. 2 million.
    • Mayan languages. Mostly southeastern Mexico. 1.5 million.
  9. What are the indigenous languages of Mexico? - Quora › What-are-the-indigenous-languages

    There’s no indigenous languaje in Mexico, at the time the mexicas (maybe you know them as aztecs, its just a tiny error, its fine) -they spoke nahuatl- ruled, there was no Mexico, there was a series of city-states, when the spaniards came destroye...

  10. 15 Best Places to Visit in Mexico | U.S. News Travel › rankings › best-mexico-vacations

    Punta Mita. #15 in Best Places to Visit in Mexico. This secluded vacation spot is known for its luxurious lodging options (from vacation rentals to high-end hotels like the St. Regis and the Four ...

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