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  1. Jan 23, 2023 · A kilometre is a metric unit of distance or length. One kilometre is a thousand metres, and is equal to 0.62 miles. American English: kilometer / ˈkɪləmitər, kɪˈlɒmɪtər / Arabic: كِيلومِتْر Brazilian Portuguese: quilômetro Chinese: 公里 Croatian: kilometar Czech: kilometr Danish: kilometer Dutch: kilometer European Spanish: kilómetro

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    There are two common pronunciations for the word. / ˈ k ɪ l ə ˌ m iː t ər,-l oʊ-/ / k ɪ ˈ l ɒ m ɪ t ər / The first pronunciation follows a pattern in English whereby metric units are pronounced with the stress on the first syllable (as in kilogram, kilojoule and kilohertz) and the pronunciation of the actual base unit does not change irrespective of the prefix (as in centimetre ...

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  4. It is a sentence determined by a state or federal government for a specific criminal act. Which of the following is the correct definition of an indeterminate sentence? Select one. It is one that permits early release after the offender has served a required minimum portion. Which of the following are true of indeterminate sentencing?

  5. May 27, 2020 · Term Definition Based on insufficient evidence A) Authority B) False Dichotomy Uses someone who is not an expert on the issue C) Slippery Slope Identifies only two choices, one of which is not viable One thing always leads to another D) Popularity E) Hasty Generalization Appeals to the desire to be in the majority 2 See answers Advertisement

  6. A Carnot heat engine receives heat at 900 K and rejects the waste heat to the environment at 300 K. The entire work output of the heat engine is used to drive a Carnot refrigerator that removes heat from the cooled space at $-15^{\circ} \mathrm{C}$ at a rate of 250 kJ/min and rejects it to the same environment at 300 K. Determine (a) the rate of heat supplied to the heat engine and (b) the ...

  7. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Match each term with the correct definition. LO1 Economics Opportunity cost Marginal analysis Utility a. The next-best thing that must be foregone in order to product one more unit of a given product. b. The pleasure, happiness, or satisfaction obtained from consuming a good or service. c. The social science concerned with how ...

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