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    Who is the highest paid wrestler in WWE?

    Who is the highest-paid wrestler of 2020?

    What is Dolph Ziggler’s WWE salary?

    How much do WWE superstars make before taxes?

    • Brock Lesnar: $10 million. Yes, Brock Lesnar is the highest-paid wrestler of 2020. Maybe it is a bit obvious considering he's a fantastic box-office draw and is used as a special attraction.
    • Roman Reigns: $5 million. Roman Reigns was out of the ring for five months due to the coronavirus and everything related to his health. But he has already returned, giving a beating to The Fiend and Braun Strowman to obtain the WWE Universal Title.
    • Randy Orton: $4.1 million. Despite being heel almost all the time, and being that villain who the most people hates, Randy Orton has a really huge contract and it can be said that he deserves it.
    • Seth Rollins: $4 million. This year, Seth Rollins hasn't won as many matches as usual, but the spotlight is always on him anyway. "The Monday Night Messiah" came to WWE in 2010 and, since then, he has worked really hard to become one of the biggest Superstars of recent years.
    • Brock Lesnar. Salary: $12 Million Per Year. Well built with a sturdy figure, Brock Lesnar has tried his hands at various sports which include American football, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.
    • John Cena. Salary: $8.5 Million Per Year. Outside wrestling, he is well recognized for his versatile creativity. John Cena is not all about muscles but about entertainment and fun.
    • Roman Reigns. Salary: $5 Million Per Year. Prior to his WWE exploits, Roman Reigns once played for National Football League (NFL) teams, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Minnesota Vikings in the off-season.
    • Randy Orton. Salary: $4.5 Million Per Year. A celebrated wrestler who hails from a family of wrestlers, Randy Orton whose grandfather, father and uncle were wrestlers, continues to carry on his family’s legacy in a remarkable way.
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    • Brock Lesnar: $10 million. The former NCAA wrestling and UFC heavyweight champion has reportedly been wrestling on a flat rate per appearance since he returned eight years ago, and his appearances have only become more frequent since then.
    • Roman Reigns: $5 million. The handpicked star of the current WWE generation, Leati Joseph Anoa’i signed a contract extension in August, coming off an emotional return shortly before WrestleMania from a hiatus to treat a relapse of leukemia.
    • Randy Orton: $4.1 million. This part-timer veteran also signed a new contract—in his case, it was at the start of November—and made no secret about his strategy to use AEW as leverage for a better deal.
    • Seth Rollins: $4 million. The Quad Cities native, whose real name is Colby Lopez, served as a key Raw brand headliner for most of 2019. He was the face of WWE’s flagship, holding the Universal Championship for about half of the year and battling Brock Lesnar at the company’s two biggest shows, WrestleMania and SummerSlam.
  2. Jan 09, 2021 · Top 10 Highest-Paid WWE Wrestlers (base salaries for male division) Of 2020. 10. Dolph Ziggler – $1,627 million. 9. Kevin Owens – $2.034 million. 8. The Undertaker – $2.577 million. 7. The Miz – $2,577 million. 6. Seth Rollins – $3.119 million. 5. AJ Styles – $3.661 million. 4. Randy Orton – $4.746 million. 3. Roman Reigns – $5.289 million. 2.

    • Brock Lesnar: $10 Million. While he is currently out of contract with the WWE, Brock Lesnar remains the highest-paid wrestler in the world with an annual salary of $10 million.
    • Roman Reigns: $5 Million. Ever since Brock Lesnar took a hiatus from the company, Roman Reigns became the top dog of the company. With Paul Heyman on his corner, we’ve got to see a side of Roman Reigns that we never thought existed.
    • Randy Orton: $4.1 Million. One of the longest-serving members of the franchise, Keith Randy Orton is the third highest-paid wrestler in the WWE. Being a main event wrestler, Randy Orton receives a much higher base salary as well as several other additional bonuses such as PPV appearances and commissions from merch sales.
    • Seth Rollins: $4 Million. Like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins is simply a different breed of babyface. The entry of The Shield into the main event scene marked a new era for the WWE, as all the four members took the company to new heights.
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