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  1. The army he sent to take possession of the colony was first required to put down a revolution in Saint-Domingue (now Haiti); its failure to do so, and the rupture of the Treaty of Amiens with the United Kingdom, prompted him to decide to sell Louisiana to the newly founded United States. This was done on April 30, 1803 for the sum of 80 million ...

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  3. The first recorded execution in the new colonies was that of Captain George Kendall in the Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608. Kendall was executed for being a spy for Spain. In 1612, Virginia Governor Sir Thomas Dale enacted the Divine, Moral and Martial Laws, which provided the death penalty for even minor offenses such as stealing grapes ...

  4. Here is a list of the thirteen colonies with the year they were founded in and a note on how they were founded. Virginia (1607) - John Smith and the London Company. New York (1626) - Originally founded by the Dutch. Became a British colony in 1664. New Hampshire (1623) - John Mason was the first land holder. Later John Wheelwright.

  5. The English settlement of the original 13 Colonies were located on the Atlantic coast of North America and founded between 1607 in Virginia and 1733 in Georgia. What were the names of the original 13 Colonies? The names of the original 13 colonies are detailed on the following list: Connecticut Colony ; Delaware Colony ; Georgia Colony ...

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  7. The Maryland Colony was one of the Southern Colonies which also included the Virginia Colony, the North Colony, the South Carolina Colony, and the Georgia Colony. The Maryland Colony was founded by Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore and others in 1633 at Baltimore. The Maryland Colony was named after King Charles I's wife Queen Henrietta Maria.

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