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  1. Nov 9, 2009 · The largest state east of the Mississippi, Georgia is also the youngest of the original 13 colonies, founded in 1732. ... Establishing the Georgia Colony, 1732-1750,

  2. Sep 25, 2009 · Georgia's history is integrally linked to that of the rest of the South and the rest of the nation. ... The human history of Georgia begins well before the founding of the colony, ... British colony, Pennsylvania, was chartered (in 1681) and seventy years after South Carolina’s founding (in 1663). Georgia was the only colony founded and ruled ...

  3. Jan 24, 2020 · Founding the Georgia Colony . The idea for the founding of Georgia was to create a haven for England's poor, along with creating a buffer between the French, Spanish, and the other English colonies. Thus, in 1732, Georgia was founded. Oglethorpe was not only a member of its Board of Trustees but was also among its first settlers.

  4. Georgia, the last of the 13 colonies to be founded, was the creation of a group of British philanthropists.These proprietors, obtaining a grant of lands between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers, hoped to give debtors and other deserving poor people a new start in life In 1733 they sent over Gen. James Oglethorpe with 100 settlers to establish the town of Savannah.

  5. Founded fifty years after Pennsylvania (the twelfth colony) and almost seventy-five years after Carolina, it had by far the shortest colonial experience. Perhaps in part for the same reason, Georgia also had the smallest population and the least economic development of the thirteen colonies. Immigrants came to the colony from all over Europe.

  6. Jul 10, 2022 · Colonial Georgia was founded as a Trustee colony. The colony was governed by a group of trustees based in London, who drew up the Georgia Charter, which provided for religious freedom for all Protestants. The Trustees outlawed alcohol and slavery, two unpopular provisions that did not outlive the Trustee system itself.

  7. After years of planning and two months crossing the Atlantic, James Oglethorpe and 114 colonists climbed 40 feet up the bluff from the Savannah River on this day in 1733 and founded the colony of Georgia. George II granted the Georgia trustees a charter for the colony a year earlier. The trustees’ motto was Non

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